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flyinside VR + p3d 3.4.9 = micro stuttering looking at the ground to the left?

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I'm curious if anyone with VR has ran into this one.. this is a doozy so far..


Basically if i look out the left of the plane, watch the ground.. it will stutter every few seconds.. twitchy..


To test this..
I used a clean version of 3.4.9 and the roaming and programdata folders.. reinstalled flyinside.. 
Same issue.. still there.. super frustrated.. it either started happening a few weeks ago, or was there all along.. Only thing i havent tried was going back a driver version for nvidia.. though with aerofly fs2, i see no stuttering.. seems to be strictly a flyinside thing.. i also tested native p3d vr.. i'm not really seeing it, or not as much anyway.
I tried combinations of AM and no AM, so that isnt it.
Next up might be going back a driver level on nvidia (but why would aerofly be so perfect, different engine i guess).. maybe rolling back my OS a few weeks (no updates occurred)..  maybe putting the p3d image on another drive in case my SSD is having sudden IO issues (hd tune doesnt indicate any errors)..  is about all i have left in the tank to test..
I guess my hope/money is on the video driver being the issue (i did do a clean wipe of the driver already).. or some OS conflict.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions i may not have thought of.

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In my case, the ground judder or micro stuttering when i look out the left window and watch the ground (twitch), may actually be related to the ATW rate dropping below 90.. ie: 67, 76, 85.. if i leave the window up that shows the fps.. and stare at the ground, in the corner of my eye i see it go from the initial 93 or so to those lower numbers.. This at the 3840 x 2374 resolution with unlimited frames (setting to a limit of say 46 didnt help much).



The actual frame rate is something like 60/90 initially.. very frustrating, all on the 1080 ftw hybrid. (single card as of now)



( i still swear i didnt see this stuttering before, but perhaps it was there.. i've since tried everything, old drivers, new drivers.. bare bones windows + p3d clean etc, its always there, unless i go a notch below the max resolution).


Update:  i decided to try the frame rate lock once more.. i tried at first to put it in nvidia NI.. but for some reason it doesnt affect p3d.. so i changed p3d's slider to 48.. my frame rate on driver 368.81 (i rolled back, some said this looked better at the highest resolution in flyinside).. was showing 65 or so in NYCX scenery (i'm not sure how, before i was averaging 46).. at any rate.. after setting the limiter to 48, its now smooth looking out the window and atw stays 90+ (so far)

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