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Ground Environment P3D not backing up or restoring from backup?

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I'm having an issue with GEX suddenly.. i was trying to uninstall things to install FTXG.. i had a backup folder for the GEX files.. upon disabling/uninstalling in the GEP3D window, it didnt restore the textures..


Then i thought, ok, ill use a clean copy of p3d and start fresh with GEX.. so i ran the wizard again, enabling GEP3D, but nothing got backed up to the backup folder.


I'm at a loss here.. i need to at least get a fresh install and the backup done from that so i can restore the files to my main p3d folder.. unless there is some manual way of doing this..


Has anyone ran into this?




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I found a sortof workaround to this issue.. but i'm not sure its the best solution or restores things correctly.


I originally had utx installed along with gex.. so in gex originally it had everything including the utx options enabled..


So i thought i'd go into my clean OS image and use my clean p3d v3.4.9 and run the gex installer there.. this worked.. it did backup the textures.. but, it left out any utx folders in the original backup..


I did a disable and uninstall after switching the drive to my full p3d botched textures install.. it restored those textures minus the UTX ones.. 


I tried a situation and things look ok, but i fear that since i didnt install all the UTX packages and then GEX again and then do the full backup then do the restore back to my original p3d folder that this wont be right in some cases.. unsure.


Either way, it appears that using a clean windows + p3d was the key to get the backup to trigger again and also the restore to trigger on disabling (unsure why).

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