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I know the heading doesnt say much, but at least if you are reading this then it attracted you.

Last night i did a online flight from FALE (King Shaka Intl) to FAOR(Johannesburg O.R. Tambo) South Africa, well i have a normal setup nothing spectacular at all, i do have the latest version of AS16 and this is my pretty main reason for this topic.

As i was on blocks at Gate A10, it was pouring down, and i could see the weather patterns move, nice touch PMDG oh i was in the 737-800. had a wet taxi to runway 06 at that point, and quickly climbed through the soup, with some mild turbelance being experienced, no coffee was served and we were running out of brandy and whiskey to calm nerves, woman were even giving their babies some brandy, flight attendants looked the other way!

In any case reaching my altitude FL330 TOC and TOD is only but a few miles apart, and was flying above the clouds, running through my checklists and getting ready for my arrival into FAOR, all set we began our descent with the weather radar set to below i noticed a few red spots like a teenager with pimple problem(sorry for those having something to eat) , which seems to only increase, i saw departing B737-800 from Lanseria (low Cost Hub), warned them via Unicome of the weather, the aircraft was shaking and shuddering, engines spooling up spooling down, i finally broke clear of the weather around the turn on the downwind leg to Runway 21R (made a booboo in planning at it should have been 21L for arriving aircraft), held one of our own Marno Koen flying i believe offline as CAW901, as i was coming around to finals i could see the weather moving in fast.

As my wheels touched the tarmac i threw everything at it, reverse thrusters, speedbrakes, flaps, the Galley toilet and an air hostess, ok maybe the air hostess is going a little too far, sweetie she is!, i took a highspeed turnoff and wished Marno well on his takeoff on rest of the flight. I taxied to my gate C3 and pulled up, and switched of the engines to the delight of everyone aboard we made a safe return to mother earth, while mother atmosphere where trying her best to get us mashed into the ground somewhere.

I extracted myself from my seat, with a loud popping noise, and probable brown skid marks in my otherwise perfect white undies. I walked outside flightdeck door to apologise to each passenger while the co-pilot was cleaning up the mess, (i do have 4 bars versus his 3). 

To end everything off, although most of the above happened, when i got into bed and i live approx 50Km from FAOR, we had the mother of all storms that came over our house, and i rolled over to the flight attendant/wife and said to her, geez but AS 16 is accurate!

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