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White fog in low vis at night FSX

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Hey guys,


I've seen at least two other posts about this issue but none was able to help me.


Everytime, at night, when I go through a fog layer (through clouds) or land in low visibility, the sky turns white. Somehow the fog color changed into white. This can  be interesting while flying "hey, the landing lights are reflecting on the clouds!" but on the ground it is totally disruptive.


According to previous posts it probably is shader related but I am not sure how to check that and how to restore to the original condition...


I was using Mogwaisoft Shade (from simmarket) (as it changes the color palettes!) and crosire reshade. I have uninstalled Shade and tried to remove reshade (manually by removing files and SweetFX folder from FSX). 


Maybe Shade didn't uninstall correctly and its changes were made permanent?


I am using also Steve's DX10 Fixer. This happens both in DX9 and DX10. 


I tried to rebuild the Shaders folder (by creating a new FSX.CFG file and deleting the hidden shaders folder, with no change. 


I've tried to delete the ShadersHLSL folder, in FSX main folder, but that just makes FSX unable to render anything.


Any help is much appreciated!


iw6re0.jpg (pic taken at midnight)




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Problem solved. Leaving the solution here for future reference:


I had this issue after (mis)using a software from MogwaiSoft called Shade, bought at simmarket. It lets one edit the FSX color palette. The problem was I used the option "Set and forget" for one color palette preset without making sure what I was setting was 100% ok (apparently the fog color wasn't). So those palettes were permanently installed into FSX and uninstalling Shade didn't help, because the palette was left installed.


Fortunately the author of Shade (mogwaisoft) includes a file with the original FSX (and FS9) palette presets so you can revert to the original state if you mess things up.


So I just reinstalled Shade again (because I had uninstalled it), installed each of the 10 FSX palette presets (FSX has 10 different sky colors for each 10 consecutive days - a little known impressive detail) using the Shade_GUI - see the manual for this, then chose "Set and Forget". There, FSX fog at night was back to being the default dark.

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