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My DIY Mount/ Base for MFG Crosswind Pedals

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So I figured I would make something to secure my MFG Crosswind pedals to prevent slipping and make them more sturdy. I went to Home Depot and spent less than $9 on parts.


- 48" piece of MDF (had store cut to 20" wide)

- Piece of 2 ft 1/2" PVC pipe

- Piece of foam pipe insulation 




I wanted a slight incline to the pedals so I created a foam/ pvc structure to raise the back of the base.The foam makes the structure more floor/ wall friendly as it does not scratch. I used PVC inside the foam to make it more rigid and prevent the foam from compressing under the weight.


I started with cutting the pvc and foam to length. I applied glue to the pvc pipe and inserted into the foam to make a kind of industrial corn dog. I then drilled and screwed the pvc/ foam piece along the back of the wood base with 5 screws.


I cut another piece of foam with a notch along the length and slipped along the bottom edge of the base. I glued this in place also.




I didn't see the need to paint it as it is under the desk. But it could easily be painted before you apply the pedals. I then secured the pedals onto the base using 4 screws through the holes already on the base of the pedals.






Not only was it cheap, the whole thing took less than 20 minutes to make and is way more secure. It does not move around/ or tip to the side. This design can be used for other types of pedals.


Thought I would share.


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Being in a creative mood this weekend I went to Joann's Fabrics and picked up some black and white digital camo fabric for under $7 and pulled my wife's sowing machine out of the garage. I created some dust covers for my Warthog Hotas joystick, throttle and the pedals which I created in the above post. First time I have done any sewing since I was about 10 years old! Now I do not have to worry about keeping the equipment clean and free of pet hair etc. 



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