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  1. I liked the 757 v2, but I always thought the cockpit textures were bad. This updated version seemed to fix that. Just from my first quick look it all seems much better and crisper. I have yet to fly any of them yet.
  2. Watch QPilots video on YT. It worked a treat for me. Basically you have to download and use the free X-FMC and then import from EFASS the route with sids/ stars.
  3. I have a 4TB external drive to mirror my internal 4TB. I took 20 hours to copy the data over!
  4. For a BETA it is great and very flyable, already a lot less bugs than a lot of aircraft which have been released for months.
  5. EFASS is nice, but unfortunately the dev died in some tragic accident earlier in the year. I am not sure if it is still supported. I think someone was trying to buy the source code from the family.
  6. I got it. Just had a quick flight and the systems and all that seem good at first glance. All those years flying the Aerosoft buses has certainly paid off for me! But I have to say it - the IXEG is still the king of immersion with those amazing sounds and cockpit textures.I was a little underwhelmed with the FF sounds. I can not see anywhere to adjust them. I am sure there are some settings in a menu somewhere which I have not found yet. Also a strange choice of liveries - Korean Air, Ryanair, American and Air Berlin - isn't Ryanair all Boeing?? I am sure the painters will be at work and more liveries will be out soon. The FPS seem good, no issues and the moving Google map in the tablet is a nice touch.
  7. KRIC is an awesome piece of freeware. Nice regional airport which is not only accurate but very well detailed.
  8. I do not have it, but over on the org forum people say it is heavy on frames.
  9. I don't think we are allowed post links anymore on avsim. Google alpilotx hd mesh. Download the tiles you want and put them in your custom scenery - put them at the bottom below all other scenery entries in your scenery.ini. Then run OrthoXP using your Bing ZL17 and direct the overlays to the Earth Nav folder of the hd mesh folder which you recently downloaded. In scenery.ini, airports overlays ortho tiles hd mesh folder
  10. Did they do anything with modeling the city itself, or just the airport?
  11. are you using the mesh and running the overlays from alpilotx hd mesh?
  12. Both the plane and your sim looks excellent. Great colors! I have been procrastinating between getting the Vflyte Cirrus SR20 and this Twin Comanche. I think I am going to pull the trigger on the Comanche. Over at PC Aviator all VFlyte aircraft are on sale right now for $20.95 and I have an additional $5 coupon which makes it a great deal.
  13. As stated above if you have bandwidth restrictions it may not be a good idea for you. I have a fast connection and no limits. I have probably downloaded about 3TB of tiles in the past month alone. That only gives me about two thirds of western europe at a pretty low zoom level of 16. A 20 min video of youtube to show you how to do it is nothing in comparison. May be 1/1000th of one single tile in bandwith.
  14. If you scroll towards the end of the thread you will see user comments. Personally I think some are a little harsh and people are expecting perfection. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/126865-sedona-uhd/&page=2
  15. When I have certain scripts "active" and click on XPRealistic in the FlyLua macro menu nothing happens, it does not open up the UI. When the scripts are removed from the folder and I click it, the UI opens up. I don't know what else explains this other than a script conflict.
  16. I have had this a couple of weeks. I like the plug-in, I do not like the lua dependency. So much so I have had to disable XPRealistic for now. I found that almost all of my other scripts conflict with it and it does not work unless I remove them. I have some great scripts to make my sim look and work better - i.e. like reducing the haze. Shame, I hope in the future I can use it again. Not playing nice with other scripts is a deal-breaker for me.
  17. I agree with the above. IXEG with those sounds is like nothing else. I am also not overly impressed with the FF 757/767. They fly as they should - may be too vanilla/ boring to fly for me. I do not like the cockpit texturing at all. The text next to the switches on the panels is terrible. May be it is just me?? Next on my list is the Saab - from what I have seen that looks pretty immersive and has the eye-candy.
  18. I don't own either of them, but I have been doing similar research to you as regarding making a purchase. I understand that both are great and work well. However the Flight1 version allows you to have it standalone outside of the sim - i.e. on a tablet. The RXP one you have to have as a pop-up in your sim window. So I guess it depends on what you need and whether you care about having it as a pop-up. If not, then you can save yourself $100. I don't think that any right now are able to fit into the 3d cockpit - well not Carenado at least. I think RXP are waiting on Laminar Research to provide the development tools to be able to do that. Last I read was that it would probably not happen until at least v11.10 is released.
  19. 1. If I buy the GTN 750, can I use it with any aircraft in my hangar as a pop-up? Thinking Saab 340, Carenado GA etc. 2. Will the GTN 750 allow me to fly SIDS/ STARs even on smaller GA aircraft (i.e. Carenado King Air B200).
  20. Not an airline management per se, but I love projectfly.co.uk. I log all my flights on there and they have a real world airline schedule built into it.
  21. Without wanting to go off topic, I dont know why more of the big scenery devs don't convert airports from P3D to XP and expand their market. I mean I have limited (if any) tech knowledge or prior experience, but managed to convert a FlyTampa airport from FSX to XP11 in the matter of a few hours by watching a series of three 20 minute YouTube videos. The texturing and lighting look far superior in the XP versions. If I can do it, I am sure a dev at FlyTampa could probably do their entire catalog of scenery and get it done and uploaded on the website for sale within a 40 hour work week. Then charge $20-25 an airport.
  22. Does XPRealistic offer much to jet airliners, or is geared more towards GA/ prop?
  23. Not so much in Europe but... The best I have visually is the FlyTampa Dubai (FS9 conversion) which I did for X-Plane. It looks absolutely stunning. So too does Paulo Ricardo's Mega Rio De Janeiro. It converts really easily in less than 5 minutes and gives you buildings and a skyline as far as you can see. Both are jaw-droppingly good. I really like the recent Dallas KDFW payware. Also any of the MisterX's airports are great. Another good free airport is RCSS over at the XP forum. I do not fly much in Europe, but TDG's airports are decent (some very good) - again all free over at the XP forum. Whatever you download make sure you also download all of the libraries it asks for. Otherwise you will get error messages all of the time.
  24. Is there a setting to automatically create a higher zoom level around airports? Or do I have to go into each tile individually as I build it and draw the boxes for the areas manually?
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