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737 CDU Losing Connection

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Hi ,


I am using the 737 CDU on an iPad 2 with FS2004 iFly737. It connects fine and works very well. However it drops the connection fairly frequently and sometimes reconnects itself back to the FMC /SIMU page. Other times it just says 'reconnecting'..... I have to shut down the app and restart to connect. I purchased a wifi extender as I thought it may be a weak signal but it happens with the extender in the room and also if I bring the ipAd in to the main room with the router. Our wifi is 50mb + so that should not be the issue.


Is there a certain port number I should use in the settings to stabilise this ?


By the way I recently purchased the MCP and EFIS and it works flawlessly.. really amazing product at a great price !!!


All the best, John

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Hello John,


Thank you very much for purchains our products!


There are several causes that could explain disconnections, one of them would be a conflict on the port number.

There is no particular port you should use, but we must be sure no other program also using the same port.

Since it could be difficult to spot which program is using the port currently configured for VAInterface, the easiest thing to do is editing VAInterface.ini and changing the VAInterface port.

Try using values far away from the default (you can use values up to 65535).


Other possibilities include some issue with the router or some overload on the PC where VAInterface is running.

Try doing this test:

Launch VAInterface and make sure it is the only program running on the PC (don't launch the simulator).

Connect VCDU  - it will be stuck on the CONNECTED screen but should stay connected until the connection is broke.

Try confirming it stays longer than it would in a normal usage.

If it does stay connected longer, then this might mean some issue on the PC.


If you are unable to see any change on modifying the port number or confirmed VCDU stays connected much longer than on the normal usage, please open a Technical Support Ticket (link available on the Support page) and describe what you find out.

Attach the VAInterface logs to the ticket form so we can investigate what might be causing this.


Best Regards,



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Just to jump in here with a suggestion, make sure that if you have antivirus with a firewall (like Bitdefender), that it is not trying to block it.

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