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Saitek panels displays blinking

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Hello, LINDA team:


Firstly I woud like to congratulate you for this outstand software. Without it, I would send to the trash my 3 Saitek panels and I would never started my overhead panel project.


However, since I've upgrated LINDA to 2.8.x releases, my Saitek displays have blinking or even not showing the airplane data. In order to make myself more clear, I have recorded what I have facing so you or anybody else can help me to fix that.


Please find the movie at


I'm using FSX-SE, SPAD 0.5.1, LINDA 2.8.6 over Windows 10 64bit.


Thank you for your support.

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Thank you for reposting your report. The problem you are experiencing as shown in the video is that both LINDA and SPAD are trying to control the Saitek displays. This leads to the flashing displays. You can only use one at a time. Preferably LINDA should be the only software running so you can use it to assign LINDA functions but it can be slow to change some values.


You can disable LINDA controlling the Saitek panels by doing the following:


  • Go to Setup LINDA and ensure checkbox Saitek Panels is unticked.
  • Open common.lua (in /modules/linda/systems) with LINDA Editor and search for line containing SAI_DISPLAY = 0 (line 719). Change 2 lines to read:
  1. SAI_DISPLAY = 0                                            (removing '--' prefix)
  2. --SAI_DISPLAY = 1 - ipc.get("SAITEK")         (adding '--' prefix)

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Thank you for your prompt answer.

I've made the changes you suggested but unfortunattely, the blink effect keeps the same.

I can't let SPAD away because the displays, so I wonder a way to effectvely disable LINDA display control.

I will apreciate any other idea you have.

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I read that you wish to use SPAD instead of LINDA. The 2 settings I gave will stop LINDA controlling the Saitek Multi and Radio Panels.


I will double check today that there is nothing else I can suggest.

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Hi, Scotflieger:


Actually, after the last LINDA update to 2.9.3 version, I redid the changes on common.lua file you have suggested above and it worked indeed!

This issue is finally fixed because of your support. Thank you.

I just have to add that those changes just got worked after restarting LINDA, SPAD AND FSX.

I think I should thank you and share this with others who can be facing the same issue.

Best regards,


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