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Problem with Chaseplane and FSL A320X

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I think that I screwed up something in the meanwhile but I am observing a very annoying behavior using this plane with Chaseplane.

Here how it goes.

As you might know Fslabs recommends to load in advance the trike, turn it off and at last to replace it selecting their A320x to start it C&D.

Up to some days ago everything, or almost everything, used to work fine and I even imported and then customized a good starting ezdok set of presets that FSL made availabe in their forum but now when I select and load the A320X it automatically loads with the Cockpit (not the VC) view active and not with On-Board (Chase Plane) view, so since this plane does not have a 2d cockpit (that's what the standard Cockpit> Cockpit does I guess) I get a faulty view (the graphic windows seems divided in two stacked views with the plane cockpit limited to the view below); I know that the workaround is there, just RMB > Cockpit > On-Board (chase plane), but in any case it is very annoying and I can't get it working as expected; even if I save the flight with a Chaseplane view active then when I load this scenario I always get that faulty 2d Cockpit view.

Any idea? How can I get the FSL A320x loaded with the Chaseplane view active?

One more: is there a way to define a specific chaseplane view as the deafault starting view for that aircraft or is something planned for future releases?

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do you mean without launching in advance ChasePlane or uninstalling it completely?

I would like to avoid removing it so I just can tell you that without launching ChasePlane the same problem occurs, i.e. in the Cockpit views the Cockpit is selected, not On-Board (ChasePlane); no need to say that the trike loads nicely and I can't observe that beahior (I created some views also for the trike just to get started).

If I remove temporarily ChasePlane to sort this out is it enough to delete the cameras.cfg file or do I need to remove other files in A320x folders to get rid of the presets I've created so far? Uninstalling and installing from scratch the A320X wouldn't be my first choice even if I agree with you this doesn't seems something related to chaseplane.

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