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Hello. And welcome to the forum!


Nice to see you guys flying and enjoying shared cockpit, But I for the good of the community, I always recommend joining an existing group rather than starting yet another new one as starting a new one just fragments the community, and in joining an existing one provides higher numbers, thus higher levels of activity, a greater braintrust and even more or better resources. The only time I recommend starting a new group is when no other group fills a particular need, niche, or doesn't have what someone is looking for.


There is a fairly good Facebook group for Shared Cockpit that has been running g for over a year. It's run by some good kids who do a good job with it. I'm on the road at the moment, but will come back later to provide a link. Maybe consider joining forces with them?


Also, if you havent already, I'd recommend reading the OVPA Shared Cockpit Setup guide, pinned to the top of this forum. It has some extremely important information that anyone flying Shared Cockpit should know.


Again, welcome to the forum. My very best wishes for enjoyable shared cockpit flights!

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