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Went from a 55" HDTV to a 27" monitor, both are 1080p

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 I bit the bullet and bought a 27" monitor (1080p, I am a poor disabled veteran on a limited income guys, LOL) because I was beginning to wonder if the details would be clearer on it up close than they they are on a 55"HDTV up close.


(Please don't say I should have gotten a 4K monitor, I know they remove the need for AA settings and such, but I have a GTX 670 GPU, and would have not been happy quite yet.


I want to have the rift one day also, but for either direction I do not have the funds, and will not for some time.


A new GPU, a new 4K monitor, then the rift cost, it is impossible to even think of 4K or VR right now.)


They are, it was a good buy, I just need to get used to seeing things smaller now.


But there are already benefits, some huge.


I miss the large size VC, but also realized though that sitting 2'-3' away from the 55" screen was messing with my eyes, and the smaller screen looks more detailed and crisp.


Aerofly FS 2, P3D, and X-plane all look great, there is still some waviness from AA and such but it is much less pronounced.


My biggest plus right now is that I am finally using Track IR 5 like it was meant to be used.


To use it properly the T-IR camera needs to be slightly above you head/hat with track clip, but I have had it 2' above my head 2'-3' feet away.


That caused it to be very wacky at times, including not zooming straight in or out as you moved forward and backward, it would go wonky, it was the same for tilting you head to the side, etc...


Well, it is perfectly set up now and when centered it stays there and all movements are nice and the way they should be.


The greatest plus, later on is after the wife and I get a new place we will have the TV free to watch, and will be able to use it on our new cabinet/stand/fireplace.

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