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Cannot Activate Nevada Megascenery Earth V3

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one week ago I placed a 227.71 $ order (#196218) at the usa pcaviator site. The serial key  provided for the nevada megascenery earth V3 (the rest of serials worked) was invalid. I have send 2 messages (find below the twoo messages) requesting support to solve this problem without any response. Has anyone an idea how to contact this company?


Help will be appreciated.


First message


Dear Sirs,

Please, find below the message I've send via the "contact us" option at your site to the support team on Monday.

I am a regular customer and intend  to buy other products from you company, but I am very diappointed with the customer service. A prompt answer will be apreciated.

best regards.

Second messsage:

When I try to activate the Nevada Megasceneryearth V3 scenery (Order number #196218), the installation Manager shows a messagebox with the text "Could not activate. Please check you data".

I did not have had any problems activating the rest of the megasceneryearth products of the above mentioned order (with the copy & paste method) so the serial number must be invalid. Please solve this problem.

Best regards.

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This is a user-to-user forum for photoscenery so your chances of getting a response from the developer is slim but it has happened.

I have never had any problems getting a response for support except that it has not always been immediate.  But I do eventually get a response.  The issuance of serial numbers is automated when you purchase your product and the correct serial number was sent to you. 

What did you do when it said "please check your data"?

Did you send the help message to megasceneryearth at with the subject [Please Help]?

Did you go to Step 3 of the License verification form and copy the activation token to your clipboard, then go to Step 4 and go to their licensing service at the link provided, and then go to Step 5, in the offine activation section enter or paste the activation token in the activation token field, and then go to Step 6 and check your email for a message containing the activation code and then, lastly, copy the new activation code to your clipboard and paste it into the activation code field at the bottom of the License Verification form and then click okay?  See the form below:


To get to the License Verification Form, you double click on the first file in the MegaSceneryEarth Nevada V3 .exe and it will come up with the License Verification Form.  As you know, the license is verified when the installation of the first file of any MegaSceneryEarth product begins.

Since I own 90% of all of the MegaSceneryEarth stuff, I have found that if you have problems installing your scenery and you send a request for help to MegaSceneryEarth, they will NOT respond if the answer is already known if you read the installation guides or information on their website.  I recall I accidently bought the same product twice as I forgot I had already purchased it some time ago. But there was a sale and I purchased several different products.  After I learned my mistake, I sent an e-mail to them asking for a refund.  I got no reply so I did some research on their site and saw that, if you purchase the product twice, there will be no refunds.  So they did not respond back to tell me, "if you purchased the product twice, there are no refunds".  The information had already been provided to the customer!

Now I hate reading manuals too but, if I run into an issue, I start reading the manuals and information they provide on their website.

I have had several instances where I have received replies to problems encountered with photoscenery.  There was one time where a required scenery file was missing in the download.  There was a time when all of the scenery files were installed but, when I went to my simulator to view the files, a whole strip of scenery was missing.  MegaSceneryEarth fixed the problem immediately and sent me an e-mail to confirm my observations were correct and they were posting new files.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,



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