MU-2 autopilot vertical speed

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I have a few issues with the MU-2 Sperry autopilot.


When the autopilot is engaged during climb and VS is selected it does not adjust to aircraft's current

vertical speed. Instead it will start to decrease vertical speed and level off. The same happend if VS is selected before takeoff. In order to correct this you have to use the AP manual trim wheel to restore VS in the climb. I think that is not normal or maybe it is for the MU-2? Also the VS or SPD lights remain on after AP altitude capture. In the different aircraft I have flown (real world) I have never seen these lights remain on after AP altitude capture.


The MU-2 autopilot needs some adjustment. When switching from NAV to HDG mode (with HDG bug set to aircraft's current heading), the AP turns a little left and right before maintaining the selected heading. A small thing, but it should not do that. The AP on the MU-2 is not as reliable as the one in the Learjet 35A. Particular in altitude ARM and CAP modes. Some times it will climb straight through the pre-selected altitude or start a descend for no reason. I remember the Learjet 35A also had some AP issues which now has been corrected. I hope the same will be the case for the MU-2. I think Flysimware has designed a fine aircraft and I hope they will keep up the good work.






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I've noticed similar issues. I usually lower the VS as I'm approaching the pre-selected altitude. That seems to help it capture better. I've also noticed the heading bug, but I think this must be a hold over from FS itself because I have many payware planes that do the same thing.


But, I would throw just a little kerosene on the autopilot fire, if I may. I can't get the mu-2 to capture an ILS with any kind of usable precision. It blows through the glideslope and plays catchup all the way to the runway. Often, it won't even bother to hold the LOC, instead settling on one dot left of course....


I'm not sure how to tweak it up, but I agree it could use some help with the autopilot when it goes in for annual.



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