Undock Panels in the QOSII?

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As I'm running a multiple monitors setup and the 2D cockpit which I loved so much in the PMDG747x is definitely gone, I'm forced to use the VC Cockpit in the QOSII. Of course, this is more eye candy, but brings back the need to move levers and switches using unrealistic key strokes and mouse clicks!

However, I still have hope that somehow it is possible to undock the overhead panel, the radios, the throttle and the EFIS display as I'm used to in the PMDG747x and move them to a second/third monitor. From a first quick glance through the QOSII-cockpit (I bought it only a few days ago) I realised that undocking is still possible for at least some of the panels: the CDU, the radios and the EFIS but the overhead and throttles seem no longer be implemented as undockable panels at all which would be a pity and make the cockpit synopsis during flight more difficult for me. I loved to operate switches and buttons on my auxiliary touch screen monitors with my own hands and not being reliant on any key/mouse operation at all!


So is there any way to undock these panels or some workaround (maybe using user-defined cameras?) such that I can keep my old mouse and key-free setup? Otherwise the Queen of the Skies II would not be much of a progress for me and a great disappointment.  I really cannot understand the PMDG decision to no longer support 2D panels.The same problem I also had with the PMDG777 and didn't find a solution so far, hence I hardly ever fly it.  But with the PMDG 747 my relationship is different. It has always been my favourite aircraft since it was first released and I have flown hundreds of hours in it. Opposite to the relatively new 777 it HAS always supported 2D panels since it's earliest release. Shouldn't new releases always be backward compatible?  The thought of not being able to use the (undoubtedly) best aircraft on the market leaves me frustrated, but what can  all the eye candy and the impressive features list of the QOSII help me it if can only be operated by mouse and keystrokes?

Any help to soothe my frustration is appreciated. Thanks to anyone willing to help.


Maik Berchtold, Switzerland

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