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Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if anybody out there on Avsim could answer this Question for me.

I have a Gateway computer 2.93 MHz and 12 Gb of Memory with a GeForce GTX 760 Graphic card 2GB GDDRS5.

I just bought the Pmdg 747-400 V3 and I’m afraid I am running out of memory every flight. I can get a flight in if I back off the Graphic card just a bough all the way but then everything looks terrible.

I am thinking of investing on a new Graphic card but the one I’m looking at 1080 is too rich for this old retired fellow. Could somebody direct me to a card a tad cheaper that will handle the 747-400 V3 and my Orbx Scenery?  Without having to back off all my slider in FSteam  to much, or end up having to buy another computer. Thanks in advance in this matter.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Full names on all posts here please Jack.


It is unlikely that a new video card would solve your VAS problems.  The video card does not use VAS, unless it needs more that 2 GB and that is unlikely.  My 750Ti 2GB card never got higher than 1.8GB in use (P3D).


There are some good tips for VAS management in the Introduction document for the 747v3.


And even with the best practices, sometimes it is necessary to save the flight, exit and restart then load the flight.  Instead of a new graphics card you'd be better off with P3D, which does some memory management whereas FSX/FSXSE does none but VAS is still a constraint.

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Thanks Dan,

For the Quick response much appreciated. Sorry it's been awhile since i last posted the old grey matter not as sharp as usual.

Again Thanks.

Jack Nicholl


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