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Hey guys! First time here so please bare with me...

I Have recently bought FSX-SE and wanted to install WOAI traffic. I installed the installer, and the AI I wanted. But the installer cannot find FSX=SE in the simulator section. It is greyed out and says Flight Simulator 2004 in it. I have tried to manually direct it to programfiles(86)/steam/steamapps/common/fsx file, but it won't work. It's as if FSX-SE isn't installed. I uninstalled my disk version as I felt it was no longer required, or do I still need the disk version for it to work with steam? I would really appreciate anyones help or advice.  Many thanks.

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Even though you have uninstalled Boxed FSX, it is likely that several parts still exists on the system after uninstalling.

When we install FSX:SE on a system that has already had Boxed FSX installed, the sim is installed in its own places unknown to older software. On a new or clean system FSX:SE will install and look 99% like FSX boxed and appear to be the same thing to older software.

With FSX:SE we must install onto a clean system so that it looks like FSX Boxed, or install alongside FSX Boxed and only use software that knows about the structure of this dual setup.

Secondly when we start with a clean system and install FSX:SE we only get a specific SimConnect version that comes with FSX:SE and only one version from FSX Boxed is installed the SimConnect XPACK SP2 Acceleration version. So we also must install the other two versions of FSX Boxed SimConnect if we use older software. The other SimConnect versions are found in the SDK folder included with FSX:SE, RTM and SP1.

If we install FSX:SE on a system that already had FSX Boxed installed, those three SimConnect modules will already exist on the system and older software can work with those available already.

I don't know what the exact requirements of your Ai package are, but I hope the above information can help you get it sorted out.



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