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Exit screen pops up when trying to load a scenario

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Hey guys, somewhere between installing Milviz F100D, chase plane and FSUIPC, my P3D UI creates a problem.
Whenever I try to load a scenario, it asks me if I want to exit P3D. If I click yes, it tries to exit and I get a CTD. If I click No, the current default scenario loads and the UI menu is still active.
I'm fairly certain chase plane has nothing to do with this, as it wasn't configured or running yet.
Uninstalling the FSUIPC.dll yielded no positive results. deleting the dll.xml and p3d.cfg neither.
Can anyone help me?

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On 3/4/2017 at 12:03 AM, KansasCS said:

Whenever I try to load a scenario, it asks me if I want to exit P3D.



Do you have more then 1 Monitor ?  Some have solved this by disconnecting there USB Monitors temporally,    Your computer can possible see a USB device as another Graphics card.

Can also be an error in an Add On Plane aircraft.cfg    

AI Traffic Add On's also know to cause this Issue,  Do you have any Traffic Add On's ?  Try disabling them and test

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Yea, It's very strange indeed.

I have no traffic addon, nor do I have a USB monitor.

I'll uninstall the Milviz F-100D and see if it pans out. 

ill keep you posted!

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I uninstalled the F100D and viola, no more weird exit prompt when clicking load or save.
What is funny though is that I flew the F100 several times before without any issues. I added some skins and the corresponding aircraft.cfg entries, flew with those skins and had no issues.
Then I had an OOM the other day and the next time I launched P3D, I got the message. Not sure if it's connected, because a crash shouldnt change .cfg files, or does that tend to happen?
Anyways, I will reinstall a vanilla F100D, without any addon skins and see how everything works from there.

I gotta say, this is some very weird software, if a simple .cfg can tamper with the UI.
I will never get used to these issues and P3D definately tops my program hassle list.

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