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Sorry, but i am beginning to regret purchasing chaseplane, hence the title. i know it is still in alpha. however the problems i have encountered

with the program to date are just not unacceptable.  on numerous occasions in the last couple of weeks chaseplane has shut down in mid flight

or during pushback. then starts to download new experimental updates,totally messing up the sim and my controls. (even broke my new throttle attachment in 

exasperation.) twice this weekend i have had to exit P3d completely due to chaseplane shaking my new pmdg 747 to bits on push back, and rendering my joysticks 

useless. i have checked all key bindings and there are no conflicts. it appears that the online updates are messing up my sim, and therefore with regret

this app will for now be consigned to the hanger until i am confident  all the issues are fixed without breaking something else. i do appreciate the program is still

in an experimental state, however in my opinion it still has some serious bugs rendering it unusable on my machine, to the extent that my weekend flight  plans

were seriously curtailed. oh well at least i still have ezdok, not perfect but at least it works.

best regards, graeme crawford.

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Strange I have done multiple flights with different aircraft and not noticed any of the problems you are having, hopefully you get the support you need as in my opinion this is far superior software to ezdok.

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hi, thanks for replying, i have just discovered on another post there is a button  on the console you can use to stop the experemental  online updates, i may try that as imo i  only seem to get grief when chaseplane suddenly stops working, then when i restart the app it begins to download latest updates, and for some reason changes the settings on my controller when doing so. and as previously mentioned  also messes up camera presets. spent over an hour this evening setting up a flight, pushed back set handbrake, and suddenly cameras were all over the place. plane slewed back words and  came to rest in a field well away from the airport.hopefully un checking this button might help resolve my issues.

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