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    Views randomly changing

    i would love to be enlightened on the last stable build so i can this fix too thanks regards graeme.
  2. graeme1

    Views randomly changing

    hi, i have had the exact same issue for a while now and have never been able to solve it i do not have cinematic running either, also checked all my view settings in sim, and nothing there suggests any kind of conflict. when in cruise with any aircraft it just keeps randomly alternating between vc and outside views without any input. i have also at times disabled experimental option but no joy, the only other explanation i can think of may be that the original settings for cinematic mode may have been turned on, and stored in the cloud which as far as i am aware i cannot access. therefore should i reinstall chaseplane the same settings will just return, i would be grateful for any help on this regards, graeme crawford
  3. i am using p3d v4.2 i still have experimental ticked other than that i have also tried to edit cameras with new views however this cloud thing keeps changing them back to original settings, very odd. regards, graeme.
  4. i have done this too, moving folder to documents and also disabled advance setting, still have camera constantly changing to outside view from vc. it happens with all aircraft. regards, graeme.
  5. hi guys, same issue here with views changing all the time, even with cinematic switched off.i am also not very happy with this cloud thing, as it prevents me from altering any views i wish to change. i have made sure there are absolutely no conflicts with keys or buttons even hot corners, but still vc keeps changing to external camera every few minutes. for me it is getting very tedious and annoying. as the op asked why do my camera settings have to be stored in a cloud. best regards, graeme crawford.
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    Chaseplane woes!

    yes i think that would be better thanks best regards, graeme crawford
  7. hi kevin, i have had chaseplane installed for a while now, i am on p3d4.2 and to be honest here i am getting very frustrated with the way the program is working. my sim is actually working great on an 15 sandybridge oc 2500k oc 4.1, i have active sky asca ,rex4, soft clouds aivlasoft efb navigraph simlink, vpilot aircraft include fslabs a320 a2a cs757 and all pmdg tube liners. they all work fine on my rig, although i am conservative with my settings. the thing that makes me cuss at my machine right now is your program. problem1: chaseplane keeps changing views without any input. (i have read the tutorial) i have also tried turning off advanced features, experamental, turned everything to manual, heck i have even tried deleting camera .cfg still having same issues. camera keeps changing to outside view. i have ran out of ideas, and it is so frustrating while on approach and on vatsim to have this issue still happening, the updates that keep being pushed thru every day, keep breaking something else imo. problem2 : my chaseplane settings. i again tried to change settings and views today whilst flying fslabs a320 due to frustration with constant changing to outside view. ( there may be a simple fix for this) however i then got a chaseplane message telling me that the cloud (what cloud) had noticed i had changed settings and would fix it. i am not sure i agree with this method as it seems i cannot now control how it works and therein lies the issue. i know this is a beta but that surely should not mean i can't control how it works for me. to be honest i am not really happy with any stuff on my computer being stored anywhere on some cloud. (did i really agree to this,) must read your eula again. i do love chaseplane when it works, but lately it is just pure frustration. ( must be getting grumpy just turned 60 last week lol). best regards, graeme crawford.
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    Chaseplane woes!

    thanks for your suggestion but i have checked all corners are marked none also as i type this my view has just changed to outside again and after a few minutes reverted back to vc i have auto and manual sliders back to zero and cinematic mode disabled. really frustrating issue that has me stumped. regards, graeme crawford
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    Real life 777 cockpit video from LH cargo

    thanks for the info flying this exact route on vatsim right. now around 600 miles to go, the so called golden hour was really nice, much the same as depicted in the video. regards graeme.
  10. Yeah and I was flying beside you all the way as baw215B no vas issues either. I still had 1.1 g left. very annoying prd3 problem I beleive .
  11. yes ctd on descent into kbos when resizing nd panel after 7 hours. lucky i saved flight and was able to continue. i am sure i read a thread concerning pop up panels causing others problems too.
  12. Sorry, but i am beginning to regret purchasing chaseplane, hence the title. i know it is still in alpha. however the problems i have encountered with the program to date are just not unacceptable. on numerous occasions in the last couple of weeks chaseplane has shut down in mid flight or during pushback. then starts to download new experimental updates,totally messing up the sim and my controls. (even broke my new throttle attachment in exasperation.) twice this weekend i have had to exit P3d completely due to chaseplane shaking my new pmdg 747 to bits on push back, and rendering my joysticks useless. i have checked all key bindings and there are no conflicts. it appears that the online updates are messing up my sim, and therefore with regret this app will for now be consigned to the hanger until i am confident all the issues are fixed without breaking something else. i do appreciate the program is still in an experimental state, however in my opinion it still has some serious bugs rendering it unusable on my machine, to the extent that my weekend flight plans were seriously curtailed. oh well at least i still have ezdok, not perfect but at least it works. best regards, graeme crawford.
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    Not fit for purpose

    hi, thanks for replying, i have just discovered on another post there is a button on the console you can use to stop the experemental online updates, i may try that as imo i only seem to get grief when chaseplane suddenly stops working, then when i restart the app it begins to download latest updates, and for some reason changes the settings on my controller when doing so. and as previously mentioned also messes up camera presets. spent over an hour this evening setting up a flight, pushed back set handbrake, and suddenly cameras were all over the place. plane slewed back words and came to rest in a field well away from the airport.hopefully un checking this button might help resolve my issues.
  14. graeme1

    REX Major announcement

    hi, managed to downloads the files ok from flightsim store, however i cannot get through the rex registration process as it does not recognise my name. tried to contact support but site cannot be reached. good start eh. regards, graeme crawford
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    reinstall ngx

    option 1 worked ok thanks for your help. all working fine now Neil, and also thanks for the video. best regards, graeme.
  16. graeme1

    reinstall ngx

    i have just downloaded NGX reboot and installed after un installing previous legacy version from control panel. however after pressing the enable button on the new configuration it says it detects the old version on my ngx panel cfg.and because of this i have to now reinstall the pmdg ngx which is really annoying as you might imagine. i did not see any info regarding procedure before installing the latest version surely this should not happen.. any help would be appreciated thanks. regards ,graeme.
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    help with UTC time

    I have a similar issue although not sure if confined to my pmdg installs, in that i always have a 2 hour difference showing on the clock either way of gmt /utc,clcks going forward or back the way, could this be a setting of time zones within fsx? i do not use fsuipc or anything else to sync time. however any suggestions on how to rectify this would be much appreciated. thanks. best regards, graeme crawford
  18. I have the 560ti had it now 3 years oc 4.3 still goin strong With dx10 fixer. I have occasional issues usually caused by addons, however for the most part solid performance and visuals, although you do have some trade offs with the eye candy, Which imo do not affect the overall satisfaction using the sandy bridge chip,hey! A couple of years ago everyone was raving this was the best thing since sliced bread! as we all know there are lots of folks with the latest and greatest machines and haswell chips imo i don't think most get much better performance due to fsx limitations so yes i would recomend your choice absolutely. Fact latest & greatest ain't always the best for fsx. regards graeme
  19. graeme1

    What is R6025 Pure Virtual function call

    I do know you have this issue with steam like a good few others.however,as i said this error is not confined to that platform as it happens in fsx too. forgot to mention i also disabled mytrafficx as i fly only on vatsim.imo this error seems to trigger while using different sceneries & having them all enabled. Regards graeme.
  20. graeme1

    What is R6025 Pure Virtual function call

    i had the R6025 error a few weeks back using fsx, and the T7. which is the 1st time i ever came across this phenomenon. the only recent changes to my system were the additions of orbx ftx global and europe lc i think i may have resolved it by just turning sliders down a notch and making sure before flight only using the sceneries i am flying through. at the time i had the ctd i was flying SBRF-GGOV, and did not at the time realise i still had utx europe & orbx europe enabled in my sceneries cfg. i have not had any further issues so far touch wood. hope this helps. regards graeme.
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    main panel distortion

    hi. i recently installed fs2 crew v1.1 and have an issue that makes the main panel unreadable. when i try to drag the panel up to the top of my screen just under the menu bar, it becomes all distorted and kind of stretched, although it works fine if i keep it a couple of inches lower. however that places it in my line of sight which is not ideal. i recently did a complete windows 7 repair install, saving all my fsx folders to an external drive. i am also having issues with the T7 and ngx with the fonts not showing in the green initialization bar during countdown and have already submitted a ticket to pmdg on this. i just wonder if the two issues may be related. any ideas much appreciated. best regards . graeme crawford
  22. graeme1

    main panel distortion

    hi, you are right about the repair install which i have only done once. i have since found out from ryan at pmdg this may be the issue as before the windows repair i thought it would be ok to copy fsx and all add ons to my external hard drive however this is obviously not the case. as it has been pointed out there may have been essential registry entries missed doing it that way. advice is complete uninstall of the sim and all add ons and clean install of fsx with all that entails as the best way forward. lesson learned! thanks for your reply anyway. best regards, graeme crawford
  23. graeme1

    Sp1c update issue

    i have tried complete reinstall too, antivirus & firewalls off. everything works fine until i install the sp1c updates. i also reconfigure ezca and dx10 after install. still got a dead plane with no wheels lol regards graeme crawford.