777 Dome light and throttle respond

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Hello. I have 2 question about 777 compare to new 747.
1. When i switching dome light in 777 my sim (P3D) is always freezing for 1 sec. With 747 the problem don't exist. Is there a chance to fix that ?
2. Autothrottle respond in 747 is way better and faster compare to 777. Is this normal or you will adjust this in 777 ?


Greetings. Lukasz Musiol

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Haven't noticed no. 1 but no.2 is most likely just very accurate simulation of the two aircrafts, not a bug that needs fixing. If there's a difference then there is a difference in the aircrafts as well. I'm sure Kyle will confirm that.

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I have the same thing happen with the dome light of the 777.  It happens if I turn it on/off for the first time in a long time.  If you cycle it back to back a few times it doesn't do it after the first one.  Figured it's just loading something and that's the small freeze you see, doesn't bother me though. 


As far as the throttles yes it feels a little less responsive on the auto throttle than the 747, but during manual throttle t responds just fine to my commands.  I'm willing to bet this is probably just how it is with the real thing.  


Of course this is just my opinion. :)

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