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  1. Okay so I run the RC4 installer in administrative mode. I choose the location to be the same drive as my P3D install, out of program files to avoid any issues: This is where the issues beging. I point it to my P3D install that has the "fake" FSX.EXE file, and it comes up again. I point to it a second time, and then it continues with the install. Then this pops up after it installs for a bit. I choose the FSX.EXE inside my P3D install again. then this finishes the install Then we I open RC4, this is what comes out... Any ideas?
  2. Yes I have, here is the link if you want to check it out: Thank you for the suggestion, I'll also look into this one. Thanks for clearing that up. I already use Sim Brief anyways so it should not be an issue for me.
  3. I just got home, so in a few I'll run through the install process and take some screen shots so you guys can see what's going on. Thanks.
  4. During the install it just keeps asking for the FSX registry file... I have tried pointing it to the P3D folder where I created the "FSX.exe" but that doesn't help. It'll finish installing but when I double click the RC4 icon it doesn't open and instead i get some weird install to Navigraph charts 5 open up.... I haven't seen it before. When I get back home today I'll run through the process again and post screenshots so you'll can see.
  5. Looks like I'll have to try the demo of PF3 and see. I have used VoxATC in the past and I like it, but it was only voice control, I don't want to be restricted to voice only. Mans as far as RC4, not having any trouble running it, can't get it installed lol. I love RC4 but haven't gotten it working with P3D. Used it only with FSX.
  6. Thanks for clarifying that. I'll do some more research on it tomorrow to see if I can figure out to get it installed. I'll post back. Thanks for the tips so far.
  7. Hello everybody, I'm currently trying to get Radar Contact 4 working with P3D V4, but it's proving to be quite the task. In the event that I just decided to get another ATC program, which one do you guys recommend? Most of my flying if in airliners, and mostly in the US. However, I do international flights often as well. So far the one I'm seeing that appeals to me the most is Pro ATC as it seems the most fluid in terms of the sounds during communications, etc. I'd like an ATC program that I can use with any plane (Pro ATC not sure if works with all planes as I read something about the flight planning part not supporting all planes? Maybe I read wrong. Also one that controls AI traffic, at least when airborne would be fine, if it does on the ground as well even better. I tried VoxATC in the past, but I just don't always want to speak, so I'd rather one that is button controlled, instead of voice only. I've looked into PF3, but the voices seem so robot like that it's a huge turn off for me. Anything else you guys suggest? ...and yes, I've heard of Pilot Edge and VATSIM, I am a member of both, but I do mostly offline flying so that's why I'm looking for a replacement ATC program. Thanks in advance everybody.
  8. I'm honestly not sure what you mean by creating to .reg files. If you don't mind elaborating a little further on that. At this point I'm just trying to get it installed at least. Then I'll worry about getting the legacy software needed for it to work properly.
  9. Hello all, Long time user of RC4, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Problem is that when building the new PC, along with the new windows install, I no longer have FSX installed, just P3D V4. Now while installing RC4 how do I get it to find the "FSX Installation" as it asks me for? I saw someone suggest another member to create a copy of P3D.exe, and rename it FSX.exe. I tried that, but it didn't help. If anybody can just get me going in the right direction to get RC4 working in V4 that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks everybody for the help! For now just to kinda get a feel for what it's like to work with panels I went cheap and got a Saitek multi panel. I have it setup to work with my PMDG 737, and 777. So far I like it. As stated above there is a little switching back and forth between modes but once you plan ahead and find your rhythm it isn't bad and everything flows. Loving It so far. i think in the near future I might definitely consider the VRI MCP Combo suggested above. Once again thank you all!
  11. The first one is awesome it's just a bit out of my budget right now. I have looked into the Saitek multi panel before. I'm in the process of looking up videos to see how easy it is to use. Anything else you would recommend? Doesn't have to be specific to MCP's. I very rarely fly online so a radio panel would not be much use for me.
  12. Hello AVSIM! i am looking for recomendarions on hardware to make my flight sim experience more realistic, and immersive. I currently own the following: -Saitek Yoke -Saitek rudder pedals -Saitek throttles (3 levers) -Logitech joystick I use the yoke obviously for aircrafts that use a yoke, and my joystick for the Airbus aircrafts. I'm looking into panels mainly as I'd love to have something like an MCP to dial heading, and modes in as opposed to clicking around. I just think sometimes when trying to change, speed, heading, altitude all at once with a mouse while trying to meet a crossing or speed restriction can become a bit overwhelming sometimes. Anything you guys suggest? Could be panels or anything. I fly mainly jet liners, but I do the occasional GA flying as well. Thanks in advance everybody! Cheers!
  13. Things was I was having the OOM issue without AI traffic. What fixed it for me was switching th value of the "panelstretching" line of the P3D.cfg file. After that even with 10% AI traffic I see no more than 2.5-3.1 GB of VAS used. I think we are good for now :)
  14. When I gave P3D a shot right around the beginning of the year I had no add on airports. So what I did is I took advantage of all the extended new year sales and got about 15-20 airports for the price of maybe 10-11? Something like that... so I know money is an issue for some and I get that, but if you decide to get add on airports just wait for sales to happen. You might just be able to get more than you bargained for and I think add on airports really put the final touch on immersion. Nothing like ending a nice flight, after flying over great scenery and textures, weather, etc. then landing and taxiing in an updated, HD airport, where you taxi to the gate and it really feels like you are there. To me that's just the icing on the cake. I probably have about 20 payware airports installed right now, around there.
  15. I have the same thing happen with the dome light of the 777. It happens if I turn it on/off for the first time in a long time. If you cycle it back to back a few times it doesn't do it after the first one. Figured it's just loading something and that's the small freeze you see, doesn't bother me though. As far as the throttles yes it feels a little less responsive on the auto throttle than the 747, but during manual throttle t responds just fine to my commands. I'm willing to bet this is probably just how it is with the real thing. Of course this is just my opinion. :)
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