AI Traffic Disappearing From Parking Spots Query

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Hi there,

I recently bought Aerosofts Mega Airport (Amsterdam Schipol) from 2010. And installed it, I am very impressed with the detail and quality of the product it really is excellent. I have a problem though, I have tried 3 AFCAD Files, the default one that comes with the Software, and two other AFCADS, and at the time I start FS2004 there is always 1 AI Aircraft (Airliner), that disappears from it's parking spot soon after, in the default one it is a KLM Airliner, in the second one I tried from 2014 it was a Transavia Airline, and in the third one it was a CSA Airlines Aircraft. Yet other AI Aircraft, parked next to the Aircraft in question don't disappear. in the second AFCAD the KLM Airliner in question does taxi out and takeoff and the other AI Aircraft in question, isn't the one to disappear in the other AFCAD's. So i am assuming therefore it is an AFCAD Issue. I have used the ADE 1.70 Program to analyse errors in the AFCAD Files, and it has found some. but it is unable to fix them, unless I am doing something wrong. Would someone on this forum be able to look at the AFCAD Files in question for me, and fix them If I email them although I think both I got from this website, so could be downloaded, I would appreciate it if someone could. Also what would cause a AI Aircraft, to disappear from it's Parking spot when it is about to pushback, yet other Aircraft next to them don't disappear ? Also does anyone know of any other AFCAD Files, that are available on the internet for this Payware Scenery, that I could try out ? I think the two AFCAD Files I have tried 1 from 2014 and 1 from 2011 I downloaded from this website I think, in addition to the default one. Any help would be much appreciated Regards Eddie Winch


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I have noticed when running FS2004 before, that the CSA Airlines AI Aircraft does disappear on pushback. But then when I check the departure section of the TrafficViewboard Progam, a while later the same Aircraft is in the menu in Flight. What could cause that to happen ? Also what causes AI Aircraft to disappear in Flight on approach, I am having AI Aircraft disappear in Flight not crash on approach to the Mega Airport Amsterdam Schipol Addon. I am running AI Smooth V1.20, could a certain setting in that cause that to happen. It seems if I change the Control Batchsize setting different AI Aircraft disappear, i.e. one that previously disappeared will no longer do so, and the order in which AI Airliners land is different aswell ? Any help someone could give me would be much appreciated.

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