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  1. Hi Craig, If you go on this forum, Can I ask you, do you have another Website, where you have all the AI Aircraft repaints you have done, other than on www.Avsim.com and www.Flightsim.com ? I am particularly looking for ones you did, which have not been done anywhere on the internet, for the Original Flight 1 Ultimate Traffic Software Addon. I found your old Website recently from many years ago, which had links to .Zip Files for these obscure repaints you did, on web.archive.org. But sadly all the .Zip Files hadn't been archived there. Here is the link to the Website :- http://web.archive.org/web/20050620011746/http://www.intergate.com:80/~csturdiv/ Some of those repaints from that old Website, appear to be in the Avsim.com File Library, but many of them are not. Could you tell me where I can download those .Zip Files, that were on that Old Website of yours, that are now on the Current Internet, if they are at all ? Any help and info you could give me, would be much appreciated. Best Regards Eddie Winch
  2. Hi there, I have an display issue with an AI Aircraft, in FS2004. In the Program AI Aircraft Editor, the Aircraft displays properly, when selected, so it appears that I have installed, the textures properly. But in FS2004, I select the AI Aircraft in flight, an Airbus A320-200 Laudamotion, and It shows up as the following :- What could cause this issue ? and how do I fix the problem ? Any help would be much appreciated. Eddie The Picture is below :-
  3. Hi there, On the Ultimate Traffic Classic i.e. 1 Forums. Dan Pecher, aka dpecher, posted some screenshots, of AI repaints he had recently done. For Ultimate Traffic 1, of Airlines which didn't have a repaint for a particular AI Aircraft, that could be found on the internet. He said he was going to upload them, here on Avsim.com and Flightsim.com. I can only find one of his repaints, for Phuket Air, for a NAMC YS-11 here on Avsim. If they are not on this Website, does anyone know, which Website he has uploaded the others to, if at all that is ? I asked on that forum a couple of months back, but have had no reply. I also checked on Flightsim.com and they weren't there either. Regards Eddie
  4. Hi Luis, yes I have downloaded and installed a load, from the Old Project AI Website allready.
  5. Hi there, Does anyone know, anywhere on the Internet, or even old Websites on web.archive.org, where you can get obscure repaints for Airlines, in Ultimate Traffic 1 ? I have found and installed lots of the missing repaints in Ultimate Traffic 1, from the old Project AI Website, on Web.Archive.org, and some from this website, and www.flightsim.com, but many I still can't find, I am wondering if some of the Airlines, are not spelt correctly. For example, I can't find an AI Aircraft Repaint for a Boeing 747 for an Airline called Redair, repaints for Trans Atlantic Airlines, and for a B747 of an Airline called Thai Pacific Airlines. There are others, but too many to mention here. Does anyone on this forum have those and other missing repaints, and if so which other Websites did you get the from ? Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Eddie
  6. Hi there, I have looked for the above Utility Program on the web.archive.org website, and all links to this program, don't work when I try and click on them for the .zip File download. Is there a current FlightSim Website, that has this Program, available to download ? According to File descriptions on Avsim, it says it is excellent, and you can install all AI Aircraft textures, in just a few clicks. Which is what I would like to do, it is important to me, because I have downloaded 4000+ From Project AI from the web.archive.org, and would like to install them all quickly. The Original Project AI Texture Manager, only lets you install, one texture at a time, and doing that, will take hours and hours each day. I allready have all the necessary Project AI, AI Aircraft installed. If there is nowhere on the internet, I can find this utility, does anyone have a copy they could email me ? I would appreciate it, if somebody could. If someone is willing to, could they PM me, and I will give you my email address. I hope you can help. Best Regards Eddie Winch
  7. Hi there, I downloaded From www.web.archive.org 4652 Repaints for old Project AI AI Aircraft Models. And I want to install them all in one go. But the PAI Texture Manager Utility, only seems to let you install one .zip File at a time. Doing 4652, one at a time will take me ages to do hours potentially. I have two Payware Programs called Addit Pro ! for FS2004 and NXGNSIM's Livery Manager, and I have the same problem with them. Are there any Freeware or Payware AI Aircraft Texture Manager Programs, amongst others, that allow you to install many Texture.zip Files at once ? And if so what are they called ? and at which Websites, can you download them from ? Any help and info would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi there, I am trying to create an AI Flightplan for myself for a 787-9 Dreamliner, of the new London Heathrow Airport to Perth Intl Airport (Australia) route. The Flight leaves Heathrow at 13:15 GMT and arrives into Perth at 13:00 Perth time. And leaves Perth at 18:45 Perth Time, and gets into London Heathrow at 5:05 GMT What Figures for times, do I need to input for both Flight legs ? in AI Flightplanner ? The Flights take around 17 Hours non stop. Any help would be much appreciated Regards Eddie Winch
  9. Hi there, I recently bought the Heli Traffic 2009 Program from Flight 1 for Flight Sim X, and it's very good. Is there a conversion Program available ? To convert AI Helicopter Traffic Files into the .xml File Data format used by the program, for Custom Flightplans with AI Helicopter Traffic ? I want to use an AI Helicopter Traffic File from the NL2000 Scenery package. But to type all the Flightplans info, into the Heli Traffic 2009 Program will take me ages, doing it manually Is there a quick way I can do this, if there is no conversion Program available ? The reason I want to import the Flightplans, is the AI Helicopters in question don't fly as the way they should and do in this Program, as they takeoff and land like AI Aircraft, but this Program will, fly the AI Helicopters, like proper Helicopters in takeoff and Landing mode. Even the ones with an AI Aircraft .air File. Any help and information, would be appreciated. Regards Eddie Winch
  10. I have managed to start downloading Files, from the Website I couldn't download the Swedflight FSX Airports Scenery Files from, using http://web.archive.org I am using another one now, called http://archive.is instead and the Files are now downloading, I am going to download the 2.0 GB Airports Base Package tommorow. I will let people know how I get on. Eddie
  11. Hi there, I have found reference on the internet i.e. Flightsim forums, to the Swedflight Pro 2011 FSX Scenery package, which was the FS2004 Airports and Scenery Package from Swedflight, made compatable for Flight Sim X, or a completely reworked and redesigned Version for Flight Sim X. I find a link to the main download, i.e. SWED2011-SYD.zip, quite alot on the internet, but all the website links no longer work, when I try them. And when I use the website http://web.archive.org to retrieve the Links, and that download, all of them havn't been archived and stored. Does anyone on this forum, know where I can download that package and .zip File from, on the internet ? Because I can't seem to be able to find any Flightsim Website, with that download available. Any help and info would be much appreciated Regards Eddie Winch
  12. Hi Jim, I think I must have the latest version of Airound X, as I downloaded the product, from the www.Simarket.com Website recently. I am puzzled though, why disabling the NL2000 AI Traffic, from the Scenery Library, means nearby Volkel Airbase won't crash the Airound X Program ? When I am at Eindhoven Airport, but when both are enabled in the Scenery Library, the Program crashes, when I am at Eindhoven Airport, and I think one or two others ? What could be the link between them that causes the crash ? Do you have any ideas ? Eddie
  13. Hi there, I have a problem at the moment, with the Airound X Program crashing, in FSX. It happens when I select certain Airports in the Netherlands in FSX. I have the NL2000 Version 4 Scenery package, When I select certain Airports, in Holland in particular Eindhoven Airport. When I load Airound X, FSX crashes and shuts down, It took a while, but the problem appears to be an issue with the NL2000 Version Traffic, and nearby Volkel Airbase ICAO Code EHVK. I know that because when I unselect it, from the Scenery Library and start at Eindhoven Airport, and I run Airound X, FSX no longer crashes. And when I unselect the NL2000 V4 Traffic from the scenery library in FSX, and reselect Volkel Airbase (EHVK) again, Airound X loads properly, therefore the problem is to do with these two parts of the NL2000 V4 Scenery/Traffic package. I am actually using all FS2004 Traffic Files at the moment, as FSX can't use both FS2004 and FSX Traffic Files at the same time, as people well know. So the AI Traffic Files, are from the NL2000 Version 3 Special Edition, Scenery package for FS2004. However I am very unsure what the problem could be ? Does anyone on this forum have any idea, what it could be ? It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction, any help and info would be much appreciated. Regards Eddie Winch
  14. I don't know if this could be a factor, but I also have FS2004 installed on my computer, I was using that very recently. Before I moved over to FSX. I have several folders on my computer Backups etc, with FS2004 Traffic Files in. Could FS2004 AI Traffic Files, not located in FSX Folders on my computer, be having an influence, in the problem I am having ? Thanks for your help guys. Eddie
  15. Hi Ernie, I have the following Area in my Scenery.cfg File in FSX :- [Area.001] Title=Default Terrain Texture_ID=1 Local=Scenery\World Layer=1 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE However I couldnt find one, in the Scenery.CFG File, which had Local=Scenery\World\Scenery which as you know is the path, to where the Traffic Files are. Should I have one, that looks something like this ? :- [Area.xxx] Title=AI Traffic Files Texture_ID=x Local=Scenery\World\Scenery Layer=x Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Thanks for all your help so far Eddie
  16. Yes Ernest, I mean 3rd party AI Traffic WOAI etc, I have disabled the default Traffic Files trafficAircraft.bgl and trafficBoats.bgl
  17. Hi there, I recently converted my FS2004 Traffic Files to FSX Format. When I used the FS9 Traffic Files with the FS2004 AI Aircraft, in FSX All AI Aircraft would show on the ground, and in the Air, now not all in the Air, and on the Ground at Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels for example, no AI Aircraft other than mine. Is that because the FS2004 Aircraft will need to be converted to FSX Format aswell, when the Traffic files are converted to FSX Format? Therefore why do some FS2004 AI Aircraft still show in the Air ? Some that show in the Air, are FS2004 Native interestingly. Also can FSX AI Traffic Files, be converted to FS2004 AI Traffic File Format ? Could I convert the default FSX Traffic File trafficBoats.bgl to FS2004 Traffic File Format for example ? and an NL2000V4 Military Traffic File ? Any help and info would be appreciated Eddie
  18. Hi there, I have recently copied over my FS2004 AI Aircraft and FS2004 Traffic Files, to FSX. And I used the AI Flight Planner Program, to Bulk Convert my FS2004 AI Traffic Files to FSX AI Traffic File Format Files. Virtually all the FS2004 Traffic Files, had the @ Symbol in the Flightplans. But when I did a check of some of the FSX converted AI Traffic Files, the @ Symbol had been removed from them. Is there an option in AI Flightplanner, which allows a Bulk Convert of FS2004 Traffic Files, to FSX Format, without removing the @ Symbol ? Any help and info would be appreciated Eddie
  19. The problem is sorted now, all that was necessary in the end. Was to copy one of the Simconnect.dll Files to the AI Timetable 2 Program's Main Folder, now the Program works. Eddie
  20. Hi fshobby, Yes I checked the files out, in FXEditor last night. I found the 2 problem .fx Files, I used one of the okay Chimney Smoke .fx Files and I copied and renamed it, to what the problem one was, and the problem is now sorted. Also for the other problem one, the NL2000_flare.fx File, which is the flame from Oil Refinery Towers, I did the same thing as the first problem File, and it worked OK. This time using an Oil Rig Flame .fx File, a default one in FSX. Do you know of any proper Oil Refinery Flame "Flare" .fx Files, I could use as an alternative, from the internet for the NL2000 Scenery in FSX ? Many thanks for your initial reply. Regards Eddie
  21. Hi there, I have a problem with Smoke from Factory and Power Station Chimneys, with the NL2000 Scenery Package in FSX. The smoke Spokes out like Searchlights from the Chimney, rather than rising as it should from the top of the Chimnies, every single factory chimney near Rotterdam this happens for. What should I look for and change in the relevent .fx Files, i.e. Settings and numerical Values etc ? Here is one of the problem files :- [Library Effect] Lifetime=5 Version=2.00 Damage=0 Priority=0 Display name = NL2000, Johan Caljé, smoke (c) 2002 [Properties] Cockpit=1 VirtualCockpit=1 Spot=1 Tower=1 Map=1 [Emitter.0] Lifetime=0.00, 0.00 Delay=0.00, 0.00 Bounce=0.00 Rate=10.00, 20.00 X Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00 Y Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00 Z Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00 Drag= 0 , 0 X Particle Velocity=00.00, 00.00 Y Particle Velocity=10.00, 20.00 Z Particle Velocity=00.00, 00.00 X Rotation=0.00, 0.00 Y Rotation=-0.00, 0.00 Z Rotation=0.00, 0.00 X Offset=00.00, 0.00 Y Offset=0.00, 0.00 Z Offset=0.00, 0.00 Pitch=0.00, 0.00 Bank=0.00, 0.00 Heading=0.00, 0.00 [Particle.0] Lifetime=01.00,8.00 Type=19 X Scale=2.0,3.00 Y Scale=2000.0, 3000.00 Z Scale=2.0, 3.00 X Scale Rate=0.3, 0.40 Y Scale Rate=0.3, 0.40 Z Scale Rate=0.3, 0.40 Drag=-3.00, -0.98 Color Rate=0.20, 0.70 X Offset=-1.00, 1.00 Y Offset=-1.00, 1.00 Z Offset= -1, 1 Fade In=0.00, 0.00 Fade Out=0.10, 0.40 Rotation=-20.00, 20.00 Face=1, 1, 1 Shade=1 [ParticleAttributes.0] Blend Mode=1 Texture=fx_1.bmp Bounce=0.00 Color Start=110, 110, 100, 250 Color End=150, 150, 140, 250 Jitter Distance=0 Jitter Time=0 TempK=114.00 TempRate=-0.01 uv1=0.00, 0.50 uv2=0.50, 1.00 X Scale Goal=1000.00 Y Scale Goal=1000.00 Z Scale Goal=14.00 Extrude Length=0.00 Extrude Pitch Max=0.00 Extrude Heading Max=0.00 Any help would be much appreciated Regards Eddie Winch
  22. Does the folder name, have to be named correctly, or will the AI Timetable 2 Program install. If the correct Simconnect.dll File is present anywhere on my computer, or in any folder on the Hard disk ? The Program still says Simconnect.dll is missing from the computer, when I run the .exe File. Could the Folder name, the File is in be the problem now ? As I have the correct Simconnect.dll File now, the Folder is in the winsxs Folder in Windows. Eddie
  23. Hi could someone tell the last characters and numbers for the following folder, for the simconnect.dll from FSX SP1. That is needed for the AI Timetable 2 Program ? Here is my folder name :- x86_microsoft.flightsimulator.simconnect_67c7c14424d61b5b_10.0.61355.0_none_ I just need the last Characters and Numbers after the last _ I copied the Simconnect.dll File from the SXS Folder on Disk 1 of FSX Deluxe Edition manually. Any help and info would be appreciated, still no response to my email to them, from genix software Regards Eddie
  24. I managed to download, the AI Controller V2 Beta Program in the end. I used a Proxy Website to access the .zip File, I am going to try the Program tomorrow. Eddie
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