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I have 2 computers in my home, each loaded with FSX:SE and P3D. I would like to use the multiplayer function so 2 people can fly together on my local (in home) network. Are there any issues using 2 IP addresses within one network regarding performance? I am assuming it is possible to have 2 IP addresses in one network.

Ted Creagh

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Hi Ted,

Welcome aboard !!!


Actually - if you use a single IP Address for two machines - that's a problem...

The actual Network is defined by the Subnet Mask used - so in order for two computers on the same network segment to communicate - you would need two separate IP Addresses within the range defined by the Subnet Mask... Keep in mind you can't use the first or last IP Address in any defined range as they are reserved...


Here is a simple online subnet calculator - simply place your IP Address and Subnet Mask of your PC into the two fields on the left and it will tell you how many addresses you have available to use - along with the start and end points... Your Gateway/Router will be using one of the available IP Addresses as well...


Also keep in mind - most ISP's use a service called DHCP to automatically assign IP Addresses thereby negating the need to assign them yourself... Most devices are setup to use this service... Is there any reason you're trying to hard code an IP Address ?




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