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AiTracker X: shared passenger cabin / hitchhiker mode

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Hello @ll,

When using the multiplayer mode in conjunction with “Follow selected AI”, AiTracker X can be utilized to stream views of your own aircraft to a different computer.

Imagine running the virtual cockpit on one computer and having a second one showing for example the passenger cabin, a wing view, the copilot perspective or an external view. The views on the second computer are fully dynamic, you can choose any camera position that you want and look anywhere you like. For example, today I have flown my T-6 Texan in FSX from EDMA to LFKJ while streaming the rear cockpit view to an FSX:SE installation on a second computer on my LAN. The view there is fully functional, and the "passenger" was free to look around any way he liked. But it is not a shared cockpit, only a view. At least, not yet...


  • It is required that you have a simulator installation on each computer. These don't have to be the same make and model, as AITX can network different flavors of simulators (FSX, FSX SE, P3D 2.5 and 3.x).
  • The aircraft that you want to fly must be installed in both simulators
  • The network setup has to be complete and functioning as described in the AITX manual.


  • Start the simulators on both computers and select the same aircraft in both
  • Turn off AI traffic on the second computer
  • On one computer start AITX in Server mode
  • On the second computer start AITX in Client mode
  • On both AITX, use the "Aircraft Finder" in "Dispatch AI" to add the "AiTrackerX Observer" to the model list (it is in "SimObjects\Misc")
  • Connect the Client AITX to the Server
  • On both computers, open the “Change player aircraft” dialog by clicking on the “Player Models” button in the Server and Client windows.
  • Right click the other players aircraft and select the “AiTracker X Observer” from the context menu
  • This will replace the aircraft with the camera pod, making them invisible
  • Close the “Change player aircraft” dialog on both computers
  • On the second computer, select the Server aircraft from the main list, and then click “Follow selected AI” (or double-click it)
  • Select “Pilot view” on the second computer
  • Open the pilot view parameters by clicking on the “P” button
  • Activate the checkbox “Lock to position”

After this procedure is completed, the second computer is linked to what you do in the first simulator. You can choose any view that you like on the second computer and perform any action in the VC – but nothing will influence the first computer.

Note 1: If you experience the sound of an additional engine running, right-click on the other player's aircraft in the main AITX list, select “Systems” and turn off the engine by pressing “Stop Engines”. (The prop sound is caused by the Camera Pod.)

Note 2: If your computers and network connection are powerful, you can stream the AI traffic from the Server to the Client too, by selecting "Share all" on the AITX Server (maybe activate "Show sleeping traffic" so parking aircraft will be visible too). But take care not to overdo things, keep AI traffic down as much as possible. For this to work, you need the same AI model library on both computers!

AiTracker X 1.05 will bring two helper functions to improve this special case.

Best regards

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