X-Plane 11 integration, AI traffic and X-Plane ATC

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I am not an experienced simmer, I haven't touched flight sims in many years and I have significant issues grasping (even after 10 days with X-Plane 11 and three days with Pilot2ATC) some of the features. I can lift off and land, do a startup (in a Cessna) and get around the built-in ATC rather well. Pilot2ATC is, sadly, another story. I love the setup, the flight plan, the maps, the integration, but I can't get the ingame ATC to shut up. I can mute it, but still have the text messages, and I would much rather see Pilot2ATC take care of AI traffic. I know it's possible, but have not yet figured out how. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

On a slightly unrelated note I am also desperately looking for any thorough guides on X-Plane 11, or sims in general, that help me understand a few aspects, for example how to fly IFR accurately or the startup procedures for other planes, a bit better. Any source would be a bonus, but not what I'm here for =)

Thanks folks

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@WarpCow, I might suggest going to the forums at X-Plane.org. That seems to be the place with the largest X-Plane user community. I would also suggest that just getting good at flying the plane and being very familiar with the autopilot and ILS approaches would be helpful before also trying to interact with ATC. I almost always mess up when I'm in a new plane. I just tried an approach to Toronto Pearson with the X-Plane 11 MD-80 and completely messed up the ILS approach, all that because the autopilot is just different enough from the 737 that it didn't do what I expected it to do.

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