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Need Help with TrackIR/TrackHat Clip

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I placed this request into another topic (see below) a couple of days ago but have not had any response so decided a new topic might highlight my problem and elicit some help.

I am confused a bit now. I have a TrackIR camera and use TrackIR 5 with a TrackHat Clip attached to my headset. This works perfectly without Opentrack in P3D latest version. I love ChasePlane and want to use it with my TrackIR setup. When I loaded ChasePlane and set a Pilot view internal camera setting for my A2A Cherokee, I thought that I was set. I had ChasePlane set to open with P3D starting.

I started AS 16, started P3D, everything looked good but no tracking ability. Opened TrackIR but it would not open and gave a Windows error and shut down. Closed all programs to attempt to start TrackIR to test it. From that point I attempted to open TrackIR with all other programs closed but it continued with the same Windows error message for days. Event Viewer showed a nvoglv32.DLL problem. Eventually it has allowed TrackIR to come back on its own! 

It was my understanding that the latest ChasePlane natively incorporated TrackIR and that there would be no requirement to do anything more than install ChasePlane and TrackIR. Following the Thread 

it appears that there may be a complete requirement to make some adjustments in other files and may in fact require installation of Opentrack to make TrackIR work in ChasePlane. That doesn't seem logical to me if my system worked fine without Opentrack outside of ChasePlane. Particularly not if ChasePlane now incorporates natively TrackIR.I have deleted ChasePlane and after several reloads of TrackIR now have TrackIR working as before in P3D, but I miss my ChasePlane camera setting. Can anyone provide me with the "Idiots Guide to TrackIR/Trackhat/ChasePlane setup in P3D? Not a complete computer idiot, but apparently not far off.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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