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Hi everyone,
I'm a new member from Michigan, USA looking to get back into flight sims. I still have an old saitek joystick and throttle I used several years ago for flight simulator x. For the past 5/6 years, I've only being doing racing simulation (mostly iracing). I had water in my basement requiring that I dismantle my racing setup. I'm getting ready to rebuild a simulation rig using 8020 aluminium profile. I figure while doing this build, I should make it dual purpose for racing sim and flight sim. I currently use a triple monitor setup for racing plus 2 more monitors (one for telemetry and the other for streaming) and a usb monitor for the dashboard. My plan is to have a quick change system (might not be very quick) to change steering wheel to yoke and other needed accesories. 

One question I have everyone is, about the computer to run the sim. My current PC has an i7 4790K and a gtx 980ti hybrid. I have another system with a xeon e5-2670. Would the flight sims (an all the apps that need to run in the background) benefit from the extra cores (8 cores, 16 threads) or the xeon, albeit at a significantly lower clock speed?

Also, what would be good yoke/rudder that won't break the bank? I hope to eventually add all the instrument panels and an overhead panel too. 

Thanks for the replies.

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well ....fsx and p3d are pretty much cpu-limited. due to the decade-old engine design, the fps you get is very proportional to clock speed. . i'd expect the xeon wouldn't perform as well as the i7. right now those sims don't really scale with the extra chips other than being able to load textures faster... might be interesting to try both machines as an experiment though. :)   this guy posted a vid with a 2x2.5 xeon setup and the fps don't look that great although it's not a very scientific test..



xplane and aerofly might fare a little better relatively speaking, but if the difference in clock speed is significant, i'd still expect the i7 to probably do well over the xeon.. it's actually somewhat rare to hear about anybody using those chips around here so i'm not sure if there's been a lot of benchmarking done with the flight sims.. or if many people have experience with them..if this thread sits around long enough somebody who's used them might be able to chime in with personal experience....may be worth googling around..

can't offer any suggestions about yokes, i'm space limited so i have an old logitech 3d pro haha

good luck and welcome to avsim. i grew up in michigan so i enjoy flying the sim a bit in that area to this day..

cheers,-andy crosby


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