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Hawker Cygnet

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For those you want something different, I've uploaded my Hawker Cygnet (cygnet01.zip) to the library.The Cygnet was the the first aircraft designed by Sidney Camm for Hawkers. The last aircraft designed by Sidney Camm was the VTOL Harrier. In between, he designed the Battle of Britain winning Hurricane as well as a range of pre-war and post-war fighters, including the Hunter. He was appointed Chief Designer in 1926 and, as Sir Sydney, was still Chief Engineer when he died in 1966.H G Hawker Aircraft Co Ltd built two Cygnets in 1924. They were single-bay biplanes with unswept wings that can be folded backwards alongside the fuselage to reduce the storage space. The wings are of unequal span and chord and have ailerons on all four wings. The fuselage has a rectangular section fuselage with a domed fairing on top. The entire structure is wooden covered by doped fabric, expect for the engine cowl which is light alloy. Their empty weight was 373lb and they had a maximum speed of slightly over 80 mph.The Cygnets were entered in the 1924 Air Ministry light aircraft competition, one was powered by a 34 hp British Anzani two-cylinder engine and the other by a similar ABC Scorpion. They were re-engined with Bristol Cherub 34 hp engines for the 1926 competition in which they came first and second and won the Daily Mail newspaper prize. Hawkers retained one of the Cygnets (G-EBMB) into the 1960s and it is now preserved in the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon, although not in airworthy condition. The Shuttleworth Collection has a replica Cygnet (G-CAMM) which is still, I believe, flown at airshows.

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