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OpenLC vs Vector

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Hi, I'm just a little bit confused about the difference between FTX Vector and OpenLC. Is OpenLC basically a section of Vector but for that specific region or it is an improved version of Vector to that region? I do a lot of my flying in North America but I also fly around Europe quite a bit so I was thinking, should I just get both Landclasses or get vector to cover everything? Thanks, I know this was probably asked a bunch of times but I couldn't really find a whole lot on it from my searches of the internet.

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Two different things.

Vectors provides your scenery with additional, specific detail regarding coastlines, rivers, railway lines etc. Orbx provides this coverage worldwide in their package.

Landclass, is a series of tiles /textures that allow you to depict different types of land  such as forest, city landscape, grassland, farmland, marshland etc which do vary from continent to continent.

So if you're flying in USA and in Europe, you would need to purchase both Landclass products to cover those regions.


My advice: If you are planning to do GA flying, then Vector is probably more useful (for visual navigation) although having the correct LC for the different regions of the world can certainly enhance things.


For flying commercial airlines at altitude, I find LC is probably a better investment. Vectors is nice but not a must have for me.

Of course if you can't decide, get both!

Note: You need Orbx FTX Global in order to use both these add-ons.




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You really should download the orbx guide at their site... it explains everything very clearly...


also not sure what "internet searches" you did, but just googling "orbx landclass vs vector" brings up a ton of posts (most from this same site) like yours where it has been explained to death...

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I think I'm going to get Vector and both the landclasses because at the moment, it would be a very good investment at only about $72 rather than $140 because I fly low and slow as well as high and fast. Thank you guys for breaking this down for me, maybe I should have looked a bit more for answers.

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