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My Ortho4XP Adventure Tally....

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Well...soon to enjoy the visual harvest as the crop has been 'generating' over the last three days.  Made mistakes, climbed the learning curve for creating Overlays, blah, blah...corrected and re-cut some tiles...and here's the tally, if anybody's interested:

For the states that I occasionally, but still fly over on trans-state or trans-continental flights VFR, or IFR:

Source: USA_2, and Bi(ng)

z16  with water at z16.  Complex Masks generated, with Inland Waterways mask generated;

All of Massachusetts, Maine, New York, 3/4's of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Upper Peninsula, South Western Ontario, Canada, and further east to the border of the Province of Quebec, near Cornwall, South Carolina, 66 percent of Connecticut, Vermont, and finally New Hampshire.


z17 (with the Airport Flag for higher resolution on, and around the airport property (z19 at level 2), water at z16:

Source: USA_2, Bi(ng)

Complex Masks, with Inland Waterway Masks, enabled.

Florida, and the Province of Nova Scotia, with parts of New Brunswick, bordering (Moncton, etc), and all of Cape Breton Island.

Later this week, I plan to cover Knoxville and the entire Appalachian Mountain range. For the west coast, it will be three tiles deep inland all along the British Columbia coast, Coastal three tile deep, for California, and the resort cities/towns, on the Mexican Riviera, both coasts.  I have 12 TB's of available storage space, and plan to Short Cut all the Tiles folders into my XP11 and XP10 Custom Scenery Folders.  That way, I shall be able to best use my Hard Drive TB capacity.  

After all of the above, over the next several months, I shall generate within the map,  North America, as well as Europe, here and there tile captures.

Having a blast doing this...and the learning curve is mild....and again, I wish to thank all of my friends, that have offered up Notams to me, where they think/thought..and were mostly right...mistakes that I have made...or Ortho that was NOT showing up within XP11. Thank you all.

(I finally am making use of my TB's storage capacity)  There was a great Western Digital sale last year, and I plunged into picking up 3 4TB drives, of which I finally installed this week into my system, at the start of deciding to try out my hand in the Ortho ring...



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Well, now that I have functioning  tiles, it is my intention to convert all the areas that I fly over to z17/19 airports and fill up those 12 TB's of space, that is now waiting for it.

You can also use Shortcuts to represent your Tile folder, and your Ortho Overlay folders within the Custom Scenery Folder inside XP11 and 10.  So, you can start cramming in those 4 and 6 TB hard drives, or WD My Books, (with USB 3.x though!) into your system, and Ortho generate yourself into oblivion! 

For myself, that is now my intention, LOL!

Cheers, all

Again I wish to thank everyone that responded to my HELP! threads...until I could figure out why I could not generate viable tiles.  Again, you need the latest Python Engine for Ortho4XP v1.20b to work properly, and smoothly in all steps of a tile generation, and overlay generation.


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Been thinking of my 'general' Ortho Tile strategy, and have come up with this format for myself:

If I am up in the high FL's, then XP11 default scenery is good between the departure, and then arrival airports.

So, where would I start to enjoy and see all that Ortho starting about 100 miles out  from my departure/climb-out(radius), as well as my arrival/descent to final .  In that regard, I am now defining my IFR (nose-bleed usage and routes), and my VFR 2,800, to 5,500 AGL) flights.

For the nose-bleed routes, I am going to generate Ortho tiles that capture the departure airport, and a 360 degree of all the tiles that touch that 'departure' tile. Same for the arrival target airport.  Those will be my favorite commercial FL departure and arrival destinations, that I fly.

For my VFR flights, I will of course, have unbroken tiles generated between those departure and arrival airports of which I won't be going over a max of a 12,000 foot ceiling.

That will save storage space, and generating time and hits against my GB limit on my account.

This will work! :)  Has the reader also thought out his/her tile 'strategy', or is simply 'bull-dogging' hundreds of square miles of ortho, on the chance he/she will view it?



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