John Sloan

High CPU usage causing stutters and lock up

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since update yesterday morning when I open chaseplane within P3D it's cpu usage jumps up to 30-40% and remains there. I have always had an issue where it would creep up over time and a simple restart of CP would fix this issue.

This issue is not fixed by restart, non experimental version or experimental version and was working fine before update to v0.2.24. 

The high CPU usage causes it to lock up PC and closing chaseplane resolves issue. 

Example: PMDG 737 sitting idle at aerosoft EIDW using P3D

P3D = circa 20-30% Cpu

CP = circa 30-40% cpu

Can you help? 




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Hi John,

I didn't find any change in cpu usage since last update. ~ 7%

I even think that removing dynamic cpu assignment made it better.

Still more tests needed.

I suggest you to reinstall CP and check again.



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Hi Gregory, yeah tried that already but still getting same result. Initially I thought it was to do with dynamic cpu feature but even with this feature removed and CP reinstalled I am still getting same result. Very strange indeed. 

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We certainly appreciate your feedback. Performance is being worked on everyday and is definitely a priority for us.

Things I need:

  1. Simulator used;
  2. Computer hardware and software specs,
  3. Hardware input devices used (Controllers, keyboard and mouse);
  4. Simulator settings (Framerate limiters, Average FPS and any potentially useful info); 
  5. Any steps you might have taken to rectify the situation 
  6. I would also like to know the CPU usage of the sim, ChasePlane and the total average when the issue occurs.
  7. I need to know if it is happening with UI Controls, Mouse, Keyboard, Controllers, and with any of them specifically or simply all of them?
  8. Are you seeing stutters in turbulence as well?


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