BTE World Tour '17 - Legs 9 & 10

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I was too busy flying 4 legs of the tour to post yesterday but now that PC-12 is all tucked in for a day or so, I'll finally get these up.

Leg 9:
After a day and a half of R&R and managing to avoid some of the major temptations in Amsterdam, it was time to continue the tour with the 9th leg taking me to Luxembourg. I got to EHAM around 8:00am local and had the engine wound up shortly after.

Leg 9, May 20-17 Schiphol (EHAM) Luxembourg (ELLX), 171 nm, 0 h 34 m, Low Altitude 5,000 ft:

Boeing B77W parked outside the KLM hangars at EHAM:

Airborne at 841 local 641 UTC:

Flaps going up, gear going up, climbing out:

Telephoto shot of a Air Force Boeing C135 parked at Kleine-Brogel Belgium AB (EBBL) from 5,000ft:

Touchdown, 951am local, 851am UTC, peeling off a busy ELLX runway 6 onto taxiway F heading for GA parking:

Landed - 9:51am local 8:51am UTC
Flight time - 1:10
Accumulated flight time - 24hrs 45mins
Accumulated distance - 5213nm

I had some headwinds for the entire trip and a lot of turbulance so it took a little longer thanexpected but the skies were mostly clear so it was still a pleasant flight. It's still quite early so a quick refuel and it's of to leg 10 - Vienna!

Leg 10:
It was a fairly quick turnaround at ELLX to get underway to Vienna Austria.

Leg 10 May 20-17 Luxembourg (ELLX) to Schwechat (LOWW) 421 nm, 2 h 06 m, Low Altitude 7,000ft:

In the air and on the way to LOWW at 1107am local 107pm UTC:

Ramstien Air Base (ETAR) and Kaiserslautern from 7,000ft:

Mannheim Germany from 7,000ft:

Setting up for final over Vienna, ILS runway 06 LOWW:

Austrian Airways Fokker F100 holding short for the Pilatus on final:

Landed - 1:03pm local 3:03pm UTC
Flight time - 1:00
Accumulated flight time - 25hrs 45mins
Accumulated distance - 5634nm

Legs 11 & 12 in the next post.


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