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    Since I don't have a real life anymore, I lead a simulated one...LoL

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    I've been a aviation enthusiast since I was 4 years old and went for my first flight in a Cessna 172 out of Billy Bishop Toronto Island airport. I've been a flight sim enthusiast since FS 2000.

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  1. Hopefully these explain (FSXSCENERY - Saut Ste Marie Airport for MSFS):: Navigraph for all ON then OFF No taxiways or parking. No Runway 22 approach. Navigraph OFF:
  2. This is (unfortunately) a MS Store installation. Can you see the images I posted? It shows the errors. If not, I'll find a new host.
  3. As a long time simmer an LNM user, I am confused with the following: In order to "insert" a approach into LNM, I must use Navaid. Upon landing, Navaid doesn't show me any parking. I need to switch back to "Do not use" to see the parking. I know this is going to be a MSFS issue, but I can't get over the red text on every flight plan. This is ridiculously annoying. I have a few payware and freeware airports and scenery in my community folder but LNM doesn't seem to recognize the link.
  4. I am personally experiencing issues between MSFS 2020 and my personal favourite LNM but I will post them when I do my flight from Toronto CYTZ and Chicago KMDW after the Jays game tonight.
  5. Somebody please tell me how I survived with this mid??? 300+ knots with 8.5+ hours of endurance? I LOVE IT!!! GREAT job and thank you.
  6. @ZKOKQ THANK YOU! That's one problem taken care of!
  7. ...got your attention with that didn't I? LoL I 💞LOVE💞 my MSFS Premium Deluxe. I must because I've done more re installs with this than FSX. But, listed below are a few things I can't figure out... Hence the title of the post: I managed to get my ai co pilot and ATC sound back but now, every time I hover over something I have a voice telling me what it is. She's driving me NUTS. I know this is going to be a simple thing, please tell me what I click so she stops! Setting my weight balance EVERY flight is getting annoying. I found where to change my pilot/co pilot weight in each aircraft's cfg file but I can't find fuel. If you know this, please let me know. Ok, so this is also a FSX throwback, but if you can do this then DO IT OF US GA's... LoL... I need a layered template for the TBM, Caravan, and the . I know non layered paint kits are there but no thank you! I honestly thing I spent more time painting my planes than I did flying them. I have a 2,044 flight with my TBM in the morning so please check back as I'm sure there will be more.
  8. Now I have someone "talking" to me when I hover over something. I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!! 🤪 LoL
  9. Can anyone see anything wrong? I effed around with setting and still no ai co-pilot or ATC voice. 🥴
  10. Only once have I really cried - when I purchased Premium Deluxe...LoL 🤣 I will cry next when the Pilatus PC 24 SVJ comes out for MSFS!
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