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  1. BEARlyThereCDN

    NASCAR tracks

    I'd be interested in this download as well. I have the nearest airports to all the tracks but sadly, not many of the actual tracks are there with UT2.
  2. I've been playing FSX since the Gold Edition came out in a boxed set. Until now, I've never had a computer that could handle running the sim while using recording software. This is my first attempt at a video. I still need to make some tweaks but it is what it is. Hope you enjoy.
  3. BEARlyThereCDN

    Farewell FSW

    I'm not surprised but I'm still disappointed. I'm still grateful to DTG for providing a version of FSX that worked on my old Windows 7 craptop as my boxed edition wouldn't work regardless of anything I tried. It is funny though since I purchased a new gaming rig with more than enough juice to run FSW and I was just considering making the purchase until I saw this thread and the one on the Steam forums. I was thinking about buying it last week but I was still busy installing all of my FSX add ons. My pessimism saved me!
  4. BEARlyThereCDN

    FSXWX is down?

    I just checked the weather engine and it appears to be working now. This makes me very happy.
  5. BEARlyThereCDN

    FSXWX is down?

    I ran the FSrealWX Pro unregistered version on a long flight today and it seems to work fine. After the flight I checked the FSXWX website and it's back up and running. I'll check the FSXWX weather engine later tonight.
  6. BEARlyThereCDN

    FSXWX is down?

    This development makes me very very sad. I downloaded and installed FSrealWX lite and tried it but no joy. I guess it's not supported anymore. I really don't have the money to buy a weather engine right now and with FSX's Real World Weather long broken (I can't understand why Dovetail hasn't come up with a solution for that) I'm really bummed out.
  7. BEARlyThereCDN

    UPDATE - BTE World Tour '17

    I'm not as familiar with Orbx as I should be although I'm thinking of making the change when my financial situation improves (hopefully soon). I purchased Ultimate Terrain 2 many years ago and was super happy to find it worked with FSX:SE. I had be away from FSX for a few years having been one of the unlucky people who could never get the boxed Gold Acceleration version to work on my Windows 7 machine. As far as any pointers, the only advice I can give is the use of Little NavMap. I used it for ever single leg of the World Tour. It was especially useful whenever I was going to add any freeware scenery. I could look at my flight plan destination and see what the current scenery was and where and disable it if need be before installing the new airport. This feature in addition to the rest of the features of this tool made Tour so much easier and pleasurable. Happy landings and I can't wait to see some of your pictures and stories! Cheers, Barry
  8. BEARlyThereCDN

    UPDATE - BTE World Tour '17

    Hoping to have a new internet plan in a couple of months. Right now, speed isn't the problem. The internet is plenty fast but i'm limited on the amount of bandwidth I can use. If I had a cell phone plan I'd have more monthly allotment that I have right now. I'm anxious to get the rest of the world tour posted as I have a couple of new tours I'll be starting soon. I have my DHC-2 Beaver down in Florida right now getting ready to follow the Blue Jays around for Spring Training and immediately following that I'll be taking the old warhorse up the Mississippi and after that I'll be taking it across Canada tracing the Trans-Canada Highway. There's a few addon airports and sceneries I want to download for those trips. Fingers crossed. Cheers and happy landings, Barry
  9. BEARlyThereCDN

    UPDATE - BTE World Tour '17

    Thank you Mark. To be honest, I forgot that I hadn't uploaded the rest of the pictures. I'm on a very limited connection right now but I'm hoping to be able to get this rectified soon. When I do I'll post the rest of the tour.
  10. Gotcha Alex. It's not a issue for me as I mentioned, I didn't even notice until I saw the OP's post, And, although it's a little early in my time zone - Happy New Year!
  11. I'm not 100% sure Alex, but what I meant was, the airport name/ident size doesn't change for the airport in the active flight plan. I never noticed this before. The images below should explain it. This may be what the OP meant. This picture shows text for the airport active in the flight plan is larger than the surrounding airports: And this one shows the surrounding airport text significantly larger than the airport active in the flight plan:
  12. Hmm, that's strange. I'm sure Alex will have a suggestion when he gets in here. Edited to note: I just activated the airport names in the options and have the same issue. When name/ident selected the font size has no effect. Edited AGAIN to note - the text size only has a effect on airports NOT in the flight plan. Weird but I'm sure there's either a reason or a fix for it. It's up to you now Alex.
  13. Try Tools --> Options --> Map Display tab. You can adjust the various text display sizes there from 50% up to 150%. Hope that helps, Barry
  14. So, I finally finished the World Tour. 207 capital cities 180,164nm 479hrs 21mins in the air Whenever I get around to uploading all of the pictures I'll post a link here, so stay tuned! Cheers, Barry
  15. 175,311nm flown over 191 capital cities (only 16 to go! ) in the World Tour so far and every single one flown with Little Navmap. I just stopped by to publicly thank Alex for this, my favourite flight simming app. Keep up the great work!