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    Since I don't have a real life anymore, I lead a simulated one...LoL

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    I've been a aviation enthusiast since I was 4 years old and went for my first flight in a Cessna 172 out of Billy Bishop Toronto Island airport. I've been a flight sim enthusiast since FS 2000.

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  1. I wish I could donate. I visit this site almost every day and I search regularly to solve issues. Overall, I'd be pretty much lost and my flight sim experience would be greatly diminished if it wasn't for the Avsim community and library. Sadly, I'm on a fixed income and I simply don't have the extra 💰 to make a donation. 😢
  2. Almost 3 years later and no fix for this issue. I will never purchase another Carenado aircraft ever again. My first and LAST purchase. Shame on you Carenado.
  3. When I got back into flight simming a few years ago, I almost bought XP, but instead, I invested in some payware addons for FSX. After seeing the comparison video posted earlier, and knowing what's coming down the pipe with MSFS, I'm happy with my decision. 😎👍
  4. I liked and subscribed. Looking forward to more from him. 😎👍
  5. Hell, I can't run FSX at 100% without OOM's so I can live with that! 😂
  6. Sorry @tweekz, I missed your encouraging post as well! 😁
  7. Thank you for this ray of hope @aleex and @Chock. I'm going remain optimistic because of your reassurances! 🙂👍
  8. I have to say, as excited and blown away I am with each Development Video/Insider update I see, I am equally depressed that my system will most likely not run the sim. 😥 Being on a fixed income, I will not be able to upgrade when the system specs come out. I'm slowly resigning myself that I'll be a FSX'er for my remaining years.
  9. I haven't been able to get my boxed FSX to work since I went to Win 7 so I bought FSX:SE when it was on sale and ridiculously cheap. I'm now on a Win 10 rig and I've never been happier with FSX.
  10. My two issues with Carenado: Poor documentation No paint kits I recently purchased the TBM850 (I fell in love with MSFS 2020's TBM and watching YouTube video's of the RL TBM's). No paint kit, no documentation on how to do a cold and dark. I learned more from the RL YouTube videos than I did from the Carenado purchase. 😒 After doing some research (which I should have done BEFORE my purchase 🙄), I come to find this is a issue with most of their products. Never again. As fast as Carenado gained a new customer, they lost one.
  11. @spokes2112: IT WORKS!!! Happy dance --> 🕺 There's a weird scratching/bumping noise in the background but I can live with it. Thank you SO much!😎👍 EDIT - weird scratching/bumping gone after a save/reload.
  12. That it is Jim, that it is. I found another solution thought. Someone pointed me to the option of creating a multiplayer as host and ATC, saving it, then reloading it in free flight. It really works great having full radar, radios, etc, etc. The only issue I'm having is, at some of my addon airports - both freeware and payware - the tower location and/or altitude doesn't match the actual airport. Looking for a solution to this issue but so far, no luck. If anybody has any Ideas, I would very much appreciate it.
  13. Is anyone here familiar with this addon from the Rikoooo website? I recently filled my FSX:SE skies with a TON of AI traffic from here and AIG and thought it would be fun to play with this little toy and watch all the shiny new (...to me...LoL) aircraft come and go from the tower perspective. It works great but there's one teeny tiny little problem. There's no radio panel so my only choice is listening to ATC ground at whatever airport I'm at. I couldn't make sense of the Rikoooo forum to do any research there so I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows how I might be able to add a radio panel so I can switch from ground to tower frequencies. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, BEAR
  14. The very first thing I will do is see if I can afford it! 🤣 If I can, the next thing will be some short flights from my home airport to some familiar airports before I attempt a 'round the world flight like @UAL4life suggested.
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