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Memphis Belle in Flight Sim World

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Another one for comparison of what FSW can do, this time with a slightly more complex FS add-on. Note that again that this is an experiment for evaluation of what FSW can do and not an attempt to seriously get somthing into a sim for which there is no EULA, I would cheerfully pay another licensing expansion fee for this to be in FSW properly, since it was never sold to be used in the new sim, and actually I think one would need to do that since in as much as it seems to fly and look okay in the sim, I'd miss the clickable VC a bit too much to simply put up with a DIY port over a proper sanctioned conversion from the developer. Anyway...

Just Flight/Aeroplane Heaven Boeing B17F 41-24485 'Memphis Belle', put into in FSW courtesy of a minor CFG tweak. Seems to fly okay and was getting about 55-60 fps on external views and about 25-30fps in the VC, and this is on a lowly-specced PC with a very old (circa 2011) 2Gb ATI Radeon 6900 GPU with 12Gb of DDR3 RAM. Which would seem to indicate that DTG have indeed managed to squeeze quite a performance lift out of the old FSX code for FSW.

I know that same PC can just about have the thing be flyable on that same PC in FSX-SE with some graphical compromises, but it is quite clear that FSW is performing better and were it not for the overbright lighting levels, it would certainly be prettier than the default FSX'S visuals. The ground shadow of the aircraft is still a bit intermittent although you can see it works okay here, but self shadowing appears to be doing okay. No sign of VC shadows here though and you can make out that some autogen appears to be ghosting through the VC a little bit.

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