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Does anyone using Jeppesen Flitedeck for Windows?

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Does anyone using that old Jeppesen flitedeck software for Windows? I have a problem with current position of the aircraft. It refreshes only like once in 3 seconds. Is there any way to make it refresh instantly? If so, I would really appreciate if you can post your X-Plane/Jeppesen/Virtual Com-Port settings. Thanks in advance!





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I don't use Flitedeck, so can't help directly...... but........

If you subscribe to Navigraph, they have a Beta out with their soon to be Jepp charts release.

The charts are georeferenced, so with a little app that Navigraph provide called Simlink, you can now have moving maps on enroute charts, SID's and Stars and also approach charts. Just start simlink on your sim computer and load  Navigraph charts on any other internet connected computer and get you aircraft showing up as a little pink triangle on the charts. I love it personally.

I have found so far that not all SIDs and STARs charts are georeferenced but the enroutes are.

This works with Xplane and P3D, also FSX if you have the SDK SP2 installed.


Here's the info from Navigraph:


Charts Cloud - Open Beta Invitation

What's This?
This is an invitation to all subscribers of Charts and Ultimate to try our new Charts Cloud Open Beta. You can find the beta version here:

Note that this is not an official product release, as such a release would also include Charts for iOS, Android and Windows and Mac desktops. No, this is just a little opportunity for you to get a sneak peek on what the future Charts Cloud will look like, and also an opportunity to influence the final design.

What's Beta Testing?
In our internal beta testing we have, with the help of a small group of users, done extensive testing to find and exterminate the most obvious bugs. However, there is always, how shall we say, "room for improvement" and this is what we hope to get from you now in this Open Beta testing period.. The current Charts Cloud is still running. If there happens to be bugs in functions which are critical for you, then please revert back to the current version of Charts Cloud, found here:

What's New Charts Cloud Beta?

Jeppesen Charts

Day and Night mode

Moving Maps both on enroute charts and airport diagrams

Flights accepting route strings

Pinboard for flexible organization of airport charts

Dynamic, interactive and fully searchable enroute charts

Decentralization of server structure for good responsiveness around the globe

What's Do I Need?
First you need a subscription to either Charts or Ultimate. Charts subscription gives you access to only charts. Ultimate also includes access to navdata. Subsscriptions are found here:

Secondly, you need a recent or at least average web browser on a computer or device with reasonable screen size. If you want to view enroute charts on your smartphone like a mailman peering into a letter box, be our guest, but size does matter.

If you want to make use of the Moving Maps function, you need to install an additional software called Navigraph Simlink.


FSX users start by installing SimConnect SDK SP2/XPack. In the meanwhile, XPlane users can go and get their favorite beverage.

Proceed by downloading the Navigraph Simlinnk installer found here:

Let the installer do its thing. It will place files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigraph\Simlink as well as in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph.

At the end of the installation, select to run Navigraph Simlink right away. You may also find Simlink in the start menu, or in your Program Files directory.

When you run Simlink the first time, you will be asked to log in to your Navigraph account. Also on the first time, upon successful login, Simlink will show its Settings interface. This interface is also accessible by right clicking the tray icon which is visible when Simlink is running.

The Settings interface has a Scan button. You may press it to look for simulators. (XPlane versions have to be located manually. Put down your drink and do this now.) When a simulator has been located, you may press the button next to it to Install Simlink. This will place the necessary code on your computer to interface with the simulator and send your aircraft data to Navigraph servers.

Start your simulator and position yourself at an airport. Double check by right clicking the tray icon that you are recording flight data.

Log in to and press the button which looks like a position arrow. It's located to the left in the group of buttons to the upper right. It will turn purple when Moving Maps is active.

In the Search interface, you can use the crosshair icon which is visible under the zoom buttons in the upper right corner of the map area to center the map on your aircraft and start to follow it.

All terminal approach charts and the airport diagram (10-9) are georeferenced and will show the aircraft position. In addition, all newly formatted SIDs and STARs are georefenced. Please see this link for a complete list of airports with reformatted SIDs and STARs.

How Do I Report Bugs?
The purpose of this testing period is to, you guessed it, perform tests. If you want us to make any adjustments or error corrections it is important that you are very clear and concise.

In this forum: please write one post per issue including information such as:

A step by step description on how to reproduce the bug

Any error messages

Make and version of 1) operating system, 2) web browser,  3) simulator software and 4) any addon software you are using

Users interesting in earning developer's eternal gratitude will also include screenshots

Good Things To Know

Route strings in Flights are preferably formatted according to the RouteFinder output, e.g. "ESSA SID ARS N623 ESEBA STAR ENGM", but the SIDs and STARs must not be named (see below). There is a PLN import as well for you to test.

We don't support terminal procedures or terminal waypoints yet.

Moving Maps will work on all georeferenced charts such as terminal approach charts and the airport diagram (10-9). In addition, all newly formatted SIDs and STARs are georefenced. Please see this link for a complete list of airports with reformatted SIDs and STARs.

When Navigraph Simlink is running on your flightsim computer, you can connect the app by pressing the switch in upper right corner of the interface. As the switch turns purple, click the crosshair to center the aircraft in the middle of the enroute chart.

We hope you will enjoy what we have built. Don't forget to post in the forum, bad things - and good.

All for now,

The Navigraph Development Team


Hope this is a helpful alternative,



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I have found so far that not all SIDs and STARs charts are georeferenced

So if I fly by using headings on a Jeppesen chart I wouldn't end up at my destination point in flight sim ?

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The problem is that Jeppesen software updates aircraft position only once each 3-4 seconds, but I want a simultaneous position updates or at least each second. Is it achievable somehow by tuning some settings? 

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I agree, the update positioning is quite slow. That's probably a function of simlink and simconnect and probably not adjustable easily, unless you're a programmer.

There doesn't appear to be any user settings to adjust.

It is still a beta, though. Hopefully these crinkles will be ironed out soon.



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