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Another Ortho4XP 'user tip', worth reading...(I think!) :)

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Notam:  If you have downloaded and converted .jpg sat files from 'x' source...and even when it has fully completed the download and tile conversion, and yet...when you try to load from that tile, or from a tile 1 to 3 tiles over from 'that' tile, and you get a error window from XP11, that it can't load/find texture, and have re-cut that tile five ways to sunday, and every time, it has a good, all files converted message from Ortho4XP...and STILL, loading into that tile, or adjacent to that tile, STILL brings up the message that XP11 can not FIND/LOAD a texture, or textures..and then CTD, or doesn''s the fix...

You will need to re-cut that tile with all the steps, Use BATCH mode to do that, but, you need to try another provider/server.  For my example, every time I tried to plop down onto my FBO, KFNT, I'd get three minutes into the mass load in of that tile, and the four tiles or so around 'my tile'...XP11 can not find a texture blah, blah, and will have to close.  In the log file, that texture missing was from the Kalamazoo tile.  Yet...the program said that all needed textures were downloaded...but each time, XP11 can NOT find a tile it needs to load in...and CTD's.

I was using BI(ng), but then re-cut that Kalamazoo tile with GO2.  That did the trick.  I could load right into KAZO, or KNFT, with no further crashes or squawks from XP10 or 11.

What do I think?  That BI(ng ) simply does NOT have the area that is converted to the missing texture, on their server, or it is in a corrupted state, and does not download when called upon. Obviously, GO2 did have the needed .jpg sat picture that would have been captured and converted from BI(ng) had it been there?!?!?!

So, I re-cut with GO2, at z17/z19 and had no issues, with also, no further issues loading into either that 'problem' tile (with BI), or any of its adjacent tiles surrounding it.

So, bottom line, if you get a message that a certain texture is not found. Try three times using Step 3 with your primary server, and if after 3 times, XP11 crashes with a 'can't fine the texture needed to load'...merely re-cut that tile with another source, and try that. Like I said, GO2 gave me no issues, and the detail at z17/19 was totally satisfactory. Just one very very, minor comment....I found my GO2 generated tile with more of a green, verdant summer, lushness on ground color and scope, over the more demure BI(ing) texture conversions.  Trust me, it is not too terrible a change that you'd frown as you left your GO2 tile, for a neighbor BI tile...but the color difference is still there.  My suggestion, is to pick a source that you like, and then stay with it for the entire 'block' of tiles you are BATCH generating.  If after you try to load in a tile or two, and have problems as I have mentioned here...then merely re-cut the 'problem' tile with another sat server source, and test again.  If are good to go as 'needed'  If not..don't despair, just try another re-cut of that problem tile, with another source, until it will load in to XP11.

It seems that you can tile shoulder-to-shoulder with tiles generated by different servers/sources, and that will not crash XP11, but..just note that you might have a color/season continuity from tile to tile change-up. Not a truly big deal in the large picture, but something to merely be aware of.



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