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AlphaSim PBM-3/5 first look

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I have personal reasons to be interested in this aircraft -- my Father maintained and flew as FE in the Mariner in Fleet Air Wing 3, NAS Coco Solo CZ during WWII. So I have campaigned for an FS9 version in addition to a single freeware version whcih was created a couple years ago.AlphaSim has stepped up and provided one for me finally! I would say it is on a par with AlphaSim's other aircraft. While it may not be the definitive example of the aircraft designer's art, AlphaSim is congratulated for providing us with a wide range of models which might not otherwise see the light of day.The first look for this bird was with the PBM-3 model. AlphaSim provides both the PBM-3 and PBM-5 versions. The PBM-5 has amphibian capability. (PBM-3s had beaching gear -- my Father used to talk about having to swim out to attach the "beaching gear": wheels that allowed for towing the boat up a seaplane ramp onto land.) Aside from amphibian capabilty, the big difference is that the 5 was fitted with a more powerful engine. This was due to the mariginal performance of the originally-fitted P&W dual wasp 2600 engines. Getting airborne with these engines was a task -- often requiring rock the boat to try to get "on step". The more powerful -2800 engines helped, and JATO was also used.The AlphaSim models have VC and opening main hatch and pilot escape hatches. There are opening bomb-bays. My initial experience with the -3" showed the effect of underpowered engines -- it takes a lot of water to get up to speed, at least with no wind.The 2d and vc cockpits provide a realistic level of detail and seem to offer about what one would want in this vintage of aircraft. The only comment I have is that the color pictures I have seen of WWII-era boats seemed to be more in a Navy blue paint scheme, while these models seem more gray than blue.I recommend giving this addon a try, if your interests go towards historic warbirds, or flying boats. It might be worth comparing to the much more numerous PBY varients available in free and payware versions.Thanks AlphaSim.PBM-3D over N Seymour Is, Galapagos on anti-submarine patrolhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/140185.jpgscott s..

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