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  1. Have an Audi A4 B5 1.8T that's low miles and has had its share of issues. Biggest PITA is both side front door window regulators failed. The problem is the window is held at the bottom by a couple of flimsy plastic pieces which inevitably break. Online folks suggest there's a VW part using metal that will fit but I didn't pursue that option. Also the over-engineered oil dipstick tube failed (VW has same problem). It's one of those things you tell the counter guy at the auto parts store and he pulls one out from right under the counter saying "oh yes, you need one of these". I do have a CEL that reads out "fuel trim lean" currently. Haven't done anything about it, but I did pull a MAF sensor off a VW but my engine is an ATW and I think the VW an AMB or something like that and the part has a different dash number. Not sure if it makes any difference but haven't experimented. scott s. .
  2. scott967


    For me, I draw a distinction between stage musicals that are filmed and the big production musicals of the 40s and 50s. Then there's the older movies that Busby Berkeley did that were innovative in their own right. scott s. .
  3. When I lived in Oxnard I would make the trek over the hill every now and then to get to Woodland Hills Frys. Having white box components and such was a big plus. Now we're down to Best Buy and that's mostly phones and appliances these days.
  4. With the massive fans on these twins, vibration induced from imbalance seems like a real issue for the plane maker to deal with. scott s. .
  5. The Schofield Barracks garrison puts on an annual July 4th celebration in Hawaii (aside from last year of course). A tradition has been performing the 1812 Overture by the 25th Infantry Division band, with a 105 battery in support (I guess it is considered something of an honor to be the battery selected). But in recent years for some reason they have done an abridged version which kind of kills it for me. scott s. .
  6. Black yes, but not to reduce drying time. (I used to own a 23 high-radiator touring car, which of course was black and no brass or chrome as in earlier and later cars.) scott s. .
  7. Speed I think is a function of your optical drive and cpu. On Windows I suggest using MakeMKV (free, but you have to renew the free license every so often. You can also buy what so far has been a life-time license). I like mkv file container as it is more versatile and easy to adjust metadata, or add streams (like subtitles). Not all players like mkv though. Note that MakeMKV does not encode your video file; it leaves it however it was encoded on the DVD (for commercial movies mp2). You might also look at VidCoder (free). It is a Windows GUI front end for the handbrake library and I find it much easier to use than the Handbrake GUI. This one will re-encode your video and audio. An alternative is command line ffmpeg (also free). Getting good command line options takes some work (but doing some searching will locate many examples to cut and paste). ffmpeg has an advantage that you can use it in a batch file if you have many files to do. Another approach is to rip iso files (can't recommend a good iso ripper though). That gives you the ability to keep DVD menus if you prefer navigating through them (it leaves the original format ifo and vob files). I do have a payware program IsoBuster but that is good for damaged media, not speed. Something else I use is AviDemux (free) despite it's name it doesn't just work on avi containers. It has some editing and filtering capabilities (it is not a "movie making" program though). I never play around with upscaling / downscaling / cropping. I let the player or TV do any of that. I also leave frame rate as in the source for the same reason. Once you rip all your physical media you might consider a NAS to store them. I use a Synology 4 bay currently just have 2 bays filled with 6x2 Tb in RAID (learned to use RAID the hard way). But cost wise now might look at 10x2 Tb. scott s. .
  8. Interesting paper on the Model T Ford Club of America site:paint that suggests otherwise. scott s. .
  9. What I get as the "take-away" is that the focus (at least in public) has been on design issues and how the design was proved. But here the question is the production environment and how post-production engineering support is being (or not being) provided to line maintainers. The paper suggests a large number of production electrical problems and an inordinate number remain in delivered aircraft. (Trying to test your way to a working aircraft is probably a fail.) The unnoticed production problem in the previously failed AOA sensor suggests the problem extends past Boeing. scott s. .
  10. I recommend checking out avsforum to get owner reports on the various tv available. A lot of people also swear by rtings.com review site. I would check out Vizio as a value TV. They offer 3 LCD model lines V / M / P in increasing performance, and just released the H model OLED. I bought one of their previous E models a few years ago as a "fill in" TV while waiting for OLEDs to come out. A value alternative is TCL. I don't have any experience with them but they are eating other tv maker's lunch. Keep in mind Samsung doesn't do Dolby Vision. I'm not a smart tv guy so don't have an opinion. My Sony OLED has Android TV which can run Android apps. I guess they all provide youtube, netflix, amazon prime, etc and probably chromecast or miracast. scott s. .
  11. Not sure "chroma 4:4:4" is relevant. For gaming I would think all processing would be in RGB, probably full, and it would probably be best to send RGB to the TV or monitor. I don't see why it would help to convert RGB to YCbCr. I think more to the point is 8 bit, 10 bit or 12 bit. For YCbCr source data that typically is 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 it can be argued if the source should upscale the chroma. scott s. .
  12. " Andrew Burnes Admin • 6 minutes ago We encountered some issues while publishing the driver. We hope to have them resolved soon."
  13. Sorry can't help, but not only do I not think Chrome is the browser of choice, if I had to use chromium I would look at MS Edge before Chrome. scott . .
  14. SSD up to 1Tb are now price-competitive (relatively) so I don't see a reason to go to HDD for simming. Now if you need 6Tb+ in a RAID config then sure. I have a lappie with Intel Optane but I think that is kind of snake oil. I'm sure in some workloads it helps. scott s. .
  15. Agree. You have to d/l the manual if you don't have it and check the diagram on which SATA ports on the back are available depending on type of SSD and M2 slot. scott s. .
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