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  1. The FAA NOTAMed a TFR around the eruption/flow 0 - 1500 ft AGL. But if you don't have a remote pilot certificate and just do recreational hobby drone flying not sure how much of a hammer FAA has for violating the TFR. scott s. .
  2. Don't know about intercontinental, some flights to PHTO were CANXed. The big deal now is if the "saddle road" that connects east and west Hawaii Is gets overrun. Currently they are saying maybe in a week. scott s. .
  3. Here at 22 N we've never had DST. But the work day commonly starts early, like 7 am. Partly due to heat, partly due to being 6 hours behind the US east coast in summer. scott s. .
  4. I did a lot of airports in FSX, and always used slew mode to track the ILS from where the signal was supposed to be stable in to the the threshold. You can also check out the visual PAPI or what have you that way. scott s. .
  5. Didn't come on board until MSFS 2.1 in 1984. Bought one of the first IBM PCs, but could only afford the monochrome display/printer card that was text only. It wasn't till later that I got a CGA graphics card (still monochrome monitor) and could run MSFS. scott s. .
  6. We have plenty "cat ladies" who keep the feral population well fed .What I don't see as much these days are the fighting chicken enclosures. scott s. .
  7. Used to see them all over on Kauai, but now they are taking over Oahu too. scott s. .
  8. The "issue" is trying to pull 600 watts through a small 12 pin connector. I can see why they want to reduce the connector footprint on these high-wattage cards, but that connector is to carry 9.2 amps per pin, with a reduced pin to pin separation. So even if they design a right-angle connector and do better than typical QA it still seems to be an area of concern. scott s. .
  9. Personally, not looking to see any water moccasins. But in Hawaii we are snake-free and aim to keep it that way. Always a problem when the annual Christmas tree containers come in. Also flights from Guam where the brown tree snake is a big problem. Military is always inspecting any aircraft that arrive from Anderson AFB. Maybe that needs to be added to GSX. scott s. .
  10. I don't recommend method 1 at all. You should only be downloading the official ms vcredist_x64.exe installer. That ms installer gets updates, so get a fresh one from ms. After installing in widows settings apps & features you should see it as Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 (this is a fairly recent change -- I think along with Visual Studio 2022 which is the latest ms compiler for C projects). scott s. .
  11. Wonder if FSX-Steam edition might be an alternative? scott s. .
  12. Used to fly around Revelstoke a lot in FSX so I see they did Castlegar and I'll take a look. Haven't done any scenery since FSX days, but the elevation issues look like classic FSX where you install new mesh. In FSX water polys were all flat with elevation set, so the polys have to match the surrounding mesh elevations. Doing rivers was a pain as you had to chop them up and change the elevation of the polys going up/down stream by 2-3 meters at a time (float planes don't like it too much). I did the river from Spokane all the way past Revelstoke and it was monster work. scott s. .
  13. I think maybe devise a temp mount because the glue on the adjustable one that comes with the device is darn strong. My guess is that when you do the calibration in the "experience" app, that will account for off-centerness (the initial vertical line calibration should set the mount position relative to monitor, then the eye "field test" should allow for the relative eye position, within limits. Maybe the sensitivity across the entire monitor width might change some. But I think maybe some duct tape to hold it in place for a quick test would confirm for you one way or the other. scott s. .
  14. Haven't started setup yet, but just wanted to post that I am in Hawaii, ordered from Tobii in Sweden on the 10th and it arrived on the 14th. I find that amazing, as many US mainland companies seem to be unable to figure out how to get stuff to us in Hawaii. scott s. .
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