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  1. Well, it seems this switch is unique to 787 so assume there must have been operator feedback that it would be "nice to have". I don't think you would randomly increase parts count just to add cost of production. scott s. .
  2. My guess is a bearing failure. Causes might be: worn beyond service limit lubrication failure bearing manufacture off-spec bearing not properly installed in operator's wheel and tire shop bearing seal failure allowing water/foreign object failure to apply specified pre-load or running load during wheel installation. scott s. .
  3. Here in Hawaii we never switch, but now East Coast is 6 hours ahead instead of 5 so getting business done is more difficult. scott s. .
  4. I take it this is a fork of Fragtality 's DynamicLOD repo? Is the source available somewhere for this 3.5 ver? If it is including Fragality's software I think you are supposed to provide his/her copyright and MIT License with your mod, even if you are claiming some other copyright for your derivative work. scott s. .
  5. To a certain extent, I have seen people working for the feds who weren't as capable as some others might be, not in a critical job, and it might be better than having them on welfare which is probably the alternative. scott s. .
  6. An advantage of living in Hawaii is we tend to be out of sync with US mainland and Eur on these sorts of things. By the time I download, most everyone has gone to bed! scott s. .
  7. I've always been intrigued that the book was an allegory about the "gold standard" (yellow brick road) that led to Oz (DC) only to reveal the concept was a fraud by the wizard (McKinley) perpetrated against the Scarecrow (farmers) Tinman (factory workers) and Cowardly Lion (Dem candidate William Jennings Bryan). Dorothy (American citizen) escapes by clicking her silver slippers (ruby in the movie ver) to get back to Kansas (real America). scott s. .
  8. So I use 2 computers usually, my main flight sim one and a laptop. When I switch from one to the other, I see the site layout differently and I always have to log in after switching (true in different browsers, but currently on Mozilla Firefox on both). I prefer the layout on my desktop. Maybe this is a cookie thing with mobile vs desktop versions of avsim? Is there some way I could get the desktop site layout on my laptop and maybe stay logged in? Been like this for at least a couple years so not a biggie. scott s. .
  9. Sell it to anyone looking for some sequence that might have value in some context (like immunity). Or it could be .gov looking to build a better database than CODIS if you wear a tin-foil hat. scott s. .
  10. He was also sports director at local TV station KGMB, and ran for US Congress for the HI 2d CD in 2000. scott s. .
  11. It's kind of a big deal in Hawaii. Back in the 80s he did commercials for a bank that people still remember. scott s. .
  12. I did 3 marathons back in the 80's, then hung it up. Too hard on my body. My sister in law did the marathon in every state thing. Way too much for me to even think about, i switched to cycling -- you can be competitive but save your knees. But kudos for your daughter. scott s. .
  13. If you know what a Mustang is, a Falcon is just a Mustang with a basic body, though it also had a pickup version called Ranchero and upscale "Mercury" version called Comet. Falcon had pretty much your standard Ford powertrain with the wimpy "Fordo-matic" 2-speed automatic transmission. The Motorcraft/Holley carbs didn't really change for a dozen years (until the smog era). Ford came out with a new small-block V-8 started at 235 ci then 260 finally 289 (in that era -- later 302 and 351). The 289 with a C-4 transmission is what folks want today, but very few examples are original. IRL the 175 ci 6-banger was the typical engine. I own a 73 TR-6, and for the most part it's worth it to replace the original electrics with relay operating switches as the originals didn't handle the full current well. But there's plenty of TR-6s over here and older through TR-3 (US was the main market for Triumph sports cars). Now Spitfires/Midgets -- those cars I think were disposable. scott s. .
  14. Had to replace back-up cam in Hyundai Sante Fe a couple weeks ago. Same thing -- water intrusion. But those are readily available on Amazon from various Chinese vendors. Hardest part is all the expletive-deleted plastic fasteners that hold a car together these days. But as regards the F-150. I had to help my Dad get his 60 F-100 back together (292 Y-block), and dealing with that rat's nest of wires behind the dash is no picnic either There's also the famed purple resistor wire that Ford used for the ignition that is no fun to work on. (Resister wire or ballast was in ignition circuit to reduce voltage to the coil, but bypassed with ignition switch in "start" position to get a hotter coil for starting.) scott s. .
  15. That's it. Somehow it kept adding to my cart. Didn't realize the little "5" on the icon at checkout meant I had 5x in my cart. (Increased by 1 since I first posted!) scott s. .
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