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  1. scott967

    In other PBR-related news...

    Sure, but it seems like all I see anymore are IPAs. scott s. .
  2. scott967

    In other PBR-related news...

    Growing up in Milwaukee, you were either in the Pabst camp, or the Schlitz camp. A few would go for Blatz but I don't know anyone back then who admitted to drinking Miller (and my dad grew up within walking distance of the Miller brewery in the Valley). Then they had their "budget" lines and the "Red White and Blue" vs "Old Mil" battles, neither of which were all that drinkable, but did fill the bill at UW for $1 pitcher night. Back then the cool kids came back from skiing in Colo with Coors in the trunk. Didn't know then that "Coors Light" is redundant. scott s. .
  3. scott967

    Airlines that no longer exist--interesting

    Well, at least Pan Am is a railroad now! Here, Aloha remains sorely missed. Employees still have reunions. Aloha Air Cargo was spun off as a separate entity, and operates its old 737s. Also Island Air was run into the ground. There have been various attempts at restoring additional carriers, but it is hard to do. Hawaiian has pretty much been able to freeze out anyone else. BITD we could buy a book of 6 tickets. You just showed up at the airport and first come, first served. We've also had various Part 135 "airlines" come and go. I usually use a Part 135 to get to Molokai. For the most part they use Cessna twins, though one from days gone by, Air Molokai, also had a DC-3 in its fleet. Single pilot and depending on weight distribution, you might get put in the right seat. One time the pilot saw a whale in the channel between Oahu and Molokai and he did a 360 over it so we could check it out. scott s. .
  4. scott967

    Tyndall AFB is really a mess

    Came across some video of a fly-over and it's going to be a while before things get back. The Panama city airport is nearby and probably isn't any better off. scott s. .
  5. scott967

    The Airplane That Won Die...

    Though the "J" model is really a pretty up-to-date aircraft. The coasties here at Air Station Barbers Point still fly the HC-130H. We have a KC-135R squadron here at Hickam and that one is getting a bit long in the tooth as well. scott s. .
  6. scott967

    San Francisco Fleat Weak

    Used to live in Annapolis (wife was stationed at the academy and I was at No VA so we agreed to "split the difference" on the commute and lived in Annapolis -- funny how that happens). Any way the Blue Angels came over every June Week (which actually was in May, but whatever) and flew over our house during practices/show. scott s. .
  7. scott967

    who stole the plane

    Meanwhile, a corporate pilot in New Mexico took off in the company plane and flew it into his house (per news reports). scott s. .
  8. scott967

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    I'm not sure I understand the legal theory behind such a suit. LM has an agreement with MS to use MS's property or rights. A violation would seem to me to be between those two parties. I don't see how a third party has standing to complain about how the grant of right is handled. I could see maybe Dovetail has a potential issue with MS if MS made representations about what MS would or would not do. scott s. .
  9. scott967

    Southwest Accident

    NTSB pictures: scott s. .
  10. scott967

    Deducting cost of flight simulation...

    If it's an employee business expense better grab it in 2017 as it goes away for 2018. Note that you only can deduct expenses that exceed 2% of your AGI. If you are self-employed, independent contractor, single person LLC etc you have more latitude, but you have to show you have a profit motive and not a hobby. scott s. .
  11. scott967

    Daylight Savings Time Not Updated

    I've posted this in the past, but I like to think of the sim as having two phases: setup and run. In the setup phase the sim determines UTC (GMT) by using your settings and default flight to convert a "local" time into the corresponding UTC. If the conversion results in a "wrong" UTC (for example, you want UTC to be "real world", then adjusting the time in your flight setup is needed. If you want it to happen "automagically" you need to select a default flight that has the needed difference between actual local time and UTC. Once setup phase is complete and the sim starts running, UTC is used to determine local time based on scenery files. Those files just correct the local clock. The astronomical events (such as sunrise / azimuth) are always correct for UTC. scott s. .
  12. scott967

    DST in P3D

    Don't have P3D, so unless they have made some changes in general if you set UCT to correct time, the world will look correct, though the local time shown may be off. To get correct local time you need scenery files to depict the time zone boundaries and also temporal variations (DST), otherwise you get the default longitude-based timezones which were incorrectly assigned by MS. Unfortunately, the scenery sdk only allows you to create rectangular lat/long-aligned regions to apply specific time-zone definitions to. So to create a real-world timezone boundary you have a variation of fthe "packing problem" -- how to create a minimum set of rectangles to represent an arbitrary shaped region with a specified maximum error (and also you need to have adjoining timezones match with "holes" or you get strange jumps in local time as you cross the boundaries). I could never find an algorithm to do this so it was all "by hand". Then, there was a bug that the sdk provided for "priority levels" for the timezone rectangles so you could in theory overlay rectangles to fine-tune the coverage, but I found that the priority levels weren't consistently applied in the sim and I could never figure out when they would or wouldn't work. Makes it hard to manage areas like the north border towns of Mexico that follow US DST, while the rest of Mexico follows Central America. Then of course if you set your year back you would need to have the appropriate timezone as in effect in that year. The master "Olson" timezone database can be used as a reliable reference and it would be better if the sim simply referenced it rather than creating its own. scott s. .
  13. scott967

    Scenery in SSD disc?

    Of course it is feasible, but in 2018 I would simply get a bigger or second SSD. I think the easiest way to move stuff to a new location is to move an entire folder tree to the new location, leaving just an empty (top level) folder in the original location. Then create a symbolic link from the new location to the old, empty folder. There's a freeware program out there called Junction Link Magic v2 that makes it easy to do, or you can use a command line. When you do this all programs look for files in the original location and the OS translates the path to the new location. scott s. .
  14. Hawaiian was always a DC-9 shop for interisland, while competitor Aloha was 737-200. I think Hawaiian preferred the cockpit design / rating situation as they upgraded the fleet through MD-80 to the 717. Hawaiian flew B-767 on mainland/Asia flights but has phased out Boeing for AB 330. Now they are taking delivery of AB 321NEO for smaller capacity flights to the west coast (to compete with the 737 ETOPS operators). There's some rumors SouthWest may attempt to enter the interisland market. No one has been able to beat Hawaiian at it (either went broke or gave up). Midwest I think was in the same situation moving DC-9/MD-80/B-717. scott s. .
  15. scott967

    United says "Aloha ‘Oe 747"

    United recreated its first 747 pax flight KSFO-PHNL as its final flight. Info here: S-A article and here: HNL Rarebirds. scott s. .