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  1. Hi Ed the green dashed line shows aircraft range until operating on reserve fuel.
  2. Thanks I got it up and running.
  3. Hello everyone, I purchased the GTN750 today and I am trying to install it to the A2A C182 VC following the instructions from Nirgal76 but it's still not showing up for me. Could someone break down the install step by step for me please?
  4. Heading towards Madeira ASCA doing a great job
  5. Volotea A319 Nice-Strasbourg
  6. Bsal

    Replacement "simroutes" Free Route Planner please

    The best freeware planner is simbrief, it's as good as the payware PFPX in my opinion
  7. 290 is the indicated airspeed (IAS) found on the speedtape on the primary flight display, true airspeed (TAS) which is found on the upper left of the nav display is used for cruise speed/flightplanning. Mach number may also be used as cruise speed and for the A320 is normally around M0.78.
  8. Install crucial storage executive and make sure you have the latest AHCI driver installed.
  9. EIN163X Heathrow to Dublin joining the LOC RWY28 at Dublin Short final
  10. Watching live streams on twitch is also a great way to learn more and chat with similarly minded people, I highly recommend following both these guys, they stream regularly flying on vatsim and it's a great community.
  11. Thanks for the kind words Tony, Lion airlines operate the 737 on this route you will be happy to know and yes it is a great little route with nice views out the window and usually the odd cumulonimbus to negotiate along the way keeps you on your toes. Happy new year! Regards Brian
  12. Citilink A320 (CTV646) from Surabaya to Bali RNAV09 at sunrise
  13. Departure off 27L Cruising FL350 Final approach RWY17