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AiTracker X 2.0 has been released

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Hello @ll,

AiTracker X Version 2.0 has been released today. Please allow for up to 24 hours until it is deployed to the shops.

The main features in this release are

  • A new depiction option, the "direct mode" for chase, formation, binary recordings and multiplayer. This feature keeps the previously missing things like sound and many animations intact - but it requires a very powerful computer and simulator (P3D V4 is recommended for best results)
  • The multiplayer protocol has been expanded with a shared cockpit option.
  • And various bits and pieces that I hope you will like, for example a Google Earth based "radar" depiction of all AI traffic.
  • It is of course ready for Prepar3D Version 4

Note: for this release it is required that you uninstall the previous version!

Here is the full changelog:

Date 18.06.2017
Version 2.00 b12
- Bugfix: Aircraft finder not working and incorrect operation when replacing models in a binary recording

Date 16.06.2017
Version 2.00 b11
- Bugfix: resolved issues when installing gauge to aliased panels

Date 15.06.2017
Version 2.00 b10
- Change: buffered the network protocol, exposed dampening ratio

Date 10.06.2017
Version 2.00 b09
- Change: V4 file encoding changed from UTF-8 to Unicode
- Bugfix: radar gauge crashing P3D V4

Date 07.06.2017
Version 2.00 b08
- Change: using different chaser model for movement of player aircraft in multi mode
- Change: Altered the way that update frequency is calculated in FOLLOW_ME modes

Date 04.06.2017
Version 2.00 b07
- Change: Prepar3D V4 compatibility

Date 28.05.2017
Version 2.00 b06
- Bugfix: Simple objects not following correctly
- Bugfix: Helicopters are not always recogized
- Change: Following/Networked protocols expanded to multi engine

Date 22.05.2017
Version 2.00 b05
- Bugfix: View mode is set incorrectly when following an AC that is in AI view for the first time

Date 19.05.2017
Version 2.00 b04
- Change: Accuracy for schedule enhanced to show seconds
- Change: Playback window now called with "bring to front"
- Change: Settings are saved when the dialog changing them is closed
- Bugfix: Re-Encoder didn't recognize file type
- Bugfix: Camera velocity sliders not working in chase camera mode
- Bugfix: reliable delete in AI schedule list

Date 15.05.2017
Version 2.00 b03
- Bugfix: corrected tool tip on View and Stop buttons.
- Bugfix: added aiTrafficstate to acPositionStruct to auto-release AI without focus.
- Bugfix: build error for FSX version.

Date 14.05.2017
Version 2.00 b02
- Bugfix: Aircraft systems when a helicopter is following another AC
- Bugfix: Detetction range cannot be larger than 80nm
- Bugfix: null pointer exceptions in the gauge comms when AI is not initialized
- Bugfix: Cleaning up of invalid filenames for recordings
- Change: Implemented option to load recordings directly on the playback dialog
- Change: Implemented dialog to change aircraft model in recordings

Date 13.05.2017
Version 2.00 b01
- Change: Implemented aircraft finder as background worker process
- Change: merged the point release 1.05 into a full version 2.00
- Change: implemented optional "direct mode" where added aircraft are not in "slew"
-- in network mode
-- as followers in formation flight
-- in binary recording
-- in "Chase View" mode

Date 01.05.2017
Version 1.05 b11
- Bugfix: Initialization error when networked mode is activated too quickly
- Bugfix: Redesigned player and AI creation in Multiplayer mode, limited to radar range
- Bugfix: Couldn't share aircraft when AI was shared in advance
- Bugfix: Shared cockpit didn't take static pitch into account
- Bugfix: Accessing the player list used an incorrect ID, resulting in movement errors of networked planes
- Change: In Pilot View, aileron, elevator, rudder and spoilers are transmitted too

Date 17.04.2017
Version 1.05 b10
- Bugfix: Network players could not be created when in helicopters
- Bugfix: Several bugfixes in shared cockpit and multiplayer
- Change: redesigned aircraft creation timeout when in multiplayer
- Bugfix: Liveries that were put at the end of the cfg file were not read by the database editor scan

Date 12.04.2017
Version 1.05 b9
- Bugfix: vertical speed dial in shared mode
- Change: added initial synchronisation of weight
- Change: added initial synchronisation of all shared aircraft (multiple clients sharing the same AC)

Date 09.04.2017
Version 1.05 b8
- Change: added ATC window to shared controls
- Bugfix: duplicate events when operating toggle switches

Date 08.04.2017
Version 1.05 b7
- Bugfix: When importing flights, lat/lon calculation is wrong for negative values (W/S) resulting in AI not being created
- Change: Expanded the shared cockpit feature

Date 02.04.2017
Version 1.05 b6
- Change: Implemented shared aircraft and shared cockpit features
- Change: Copy&Paste on Server and Client window message history

Date 31.03.2017
Version 1.05 b5
- Prototype: Shared cockpit

Date 28.03.2017
Version 1.05 b4
- Prototype: Shared cockpit

Date 26.03.2017
Version 1.05 b3
- Change: replaced datagridviews on Server and Client windows to avoid race condition (windows bug)
- Change: added option to lock follower to AI position in PilotView mode (for networking followers)
- Change: added option to hide network player model

Date 06.03.2017
Version 1.05 b2
- Change: implemented timed message windows for aircraft change messages
- Bugfix: caught Exception when logic encounters invalid camera definitions
- Change: Waypoint and binary recordings can be started timer based too

Date 03.03.2017
Version 1.05 b1
- Change: AircraftFinder: handling of textures that do not exist
- Change: Improved reading of non-standard flight plan files (PFPX)

Best regards


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