Virtualcol CRJ Airspeed/Drag Tweak

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There are many reports in various forums that the new Virtualcol CRJs, while a big improvement over their previous stuff, are a little too "hot" in the air. There are reports of 300kias with throttles at idle, making it impossible to bleed airspeed without resorting to the speedbrakes. Rather unrealistic.

As a tempoary fix until Virtualcol addresses the problem, I came up with a small tweak:


I went into the aircraft.cfg and did some experimentation. Conducting test flights out of Edwards AFB, I came up with 2 simple tweaks that help quite a bit. These are:

In the aircraft.cfg, find these lines:

cruise_lift_scalar     =1.80000
parasite_drag_scalar   =1.0


After backing up your original file, change to

cruise_lift_scalar     =0.90000
parasite_drag_scalar   =2.50000


Makes a big difference! Enjoy!

If you like, please report back on your experiences!



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