P3D v3.4 Won't Start, CTD (Following V4 Install?)

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I am having a new problem on a previously trouble free build of P3D v3.4. I've been moving quickly to v4 which effective basically now will be my GA and airliner platform (still waiting for the NGX and remaining Orbx sceneries). 

However, v3.4 is planned to remain on my system until the VRS Bug and TacPack are available (I enjoy carrier flying). Unfortunately now, when I try to load v3.4, I get a fatal error message once the main menu screen loads. It happens immediately, I'm not able to click or make any selections. 

I can't figure it out right now, but below are some of my thoughts and attempts to solve. 

1. I believe this is the first time I tried running v3.4 after installing v4. I thought I saw some reports of others having errors in v3.4 after the v4 install, but when I search, most of these errors seemed random (unless I didn't fine the right topics). 

2. I uninstalled SimStarter NG. This is my biggest suspicion. In the past it's messed the default flight when using other saved flights and created similar issues when trying to start v3.4 on its own outside SimStarter. However, I did reinstall (all my old profiles were retained) and still can't start the sim. 

3. I did uninstall the PMDG 777 and 747 (moved in to v4) and FSDT KJFK (never could really use it due to VAS). I doubt this had much effect, but maybe. 

4. I did try deleting the prepar3d.cfg file to rebuild it without success. 

So, any thoughts one what might be causing this and/or how to solve this crash?  Thanks for any help!

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