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General question on speech recognition speed

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I'm not sure if this is normal but the speech recognition speed on my system seems slow in P2ATC. Even with the simulator off (X-Plane 11) and just using the grammar helper it might take 10 seconds or so to show what I've said on screen. When using the speech during the sim it can take up to a minute or so before I hear the 'ping' to say it's recognized I've said something.

The Speech recognition itself is fine, it's just the speed that's strange.

Does it sound like something's wrong?

Does anyone have any tips on reducing the lag?

Thanks, Brent.

Hardware : Laptop Win 10, I7 processor, nVidia 760 GT 2Gb DDR5, 8Gb RAM. Microphone Mod-Mic 4.


EDIT - Answering my own question, microphone volume was set too low.

I've leave this here in case anyone else runs into this.

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That's way too long.  My recognition is virtually instantaneous.

Have you gone through a few iterations of the speech training within Windows and within P2A?  I'm guessing the delay is due to your system not able to process your voice quickly...and probably needs training.

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Thank you Wizard.

Yes, I've been testing Pilot2ATC since last year. As I've had problems with the system over that time Dave has given me 3 or so test attempts, every time I've ran it through the speech training. The problem with my system is it has two areas to set the microphone volume (DEL Laptop) and one of those areas had the volume set way too low. It's recognizing it almost instantly now.


No more testing for me, I bought the full license last night. :cool:

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