How do you set start point from non airport location?

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Hello everyone and hello Alexander. I just adore your product and feature it in each stream now.

I have a quick question. I would like to set a take off location on LittleNavMap that is not an airport. For example, there are Oil Rigs near Rotterdam in FSX but I want to fly a sea plane. I therefore want to set a custom location to start from and use it with LittleNavMap.

I tried but if I just "add waypoint" and make my circuit and then try to save it tells me the destination must be from a valid airport. Is there a way to make any location a "valid" take off point ? This would be useful for things like this so we can take off from custom locations.

There is a dock nearby so it is conceivable a sea plane could take off from there even though it is not designated an official water runway as FSX has very few amount of water runways, all of them are mostly US I fear as if the rest of the world does not have any :D

Thank you kindly. Your product is AMAZING.and I could not plan without it.

kind regards

Styggron aka The Incompetent PIlot


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Hi Styggron,

the flight simulator is kind of stupid and allows only start positions (runway, helipads or parking) in a flight plan departure. Everything else is silently ignored. LNM gives you only a warning, you can save the plan anyway.

The only way to get there is to create a dummy airport using ADE that has a start position. Runways are optional.

Somebody already asked for a function that allows to place an aircraft similar to the stock map (except that this will put an aircraft into the air if not placed on an airport). That could be a future solution.

You can use the search function in LNM to find seaplane bases. Just select "Runway:" ... "Any is Water". And yes, most are on US territory and exactly one in Germany (stock data).




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Hello Alex

Thank you so much for letting me know. Understood, I will look up ADE and see what I can do. Thank you again for the BEST FSX flight planning utility there is !   :)


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