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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. 1. It is a real pity re the Spitfire control. I was hoping to have them all sitting there watching them taxi and take off. It seems to work with large taildragers such as Aircraft Factory Avro Anson, but not the Spitfire. Maybe one day there might be a utility etc to allow this to work better. Thank you very much for that. As you say and as I have discovered, the only real way is for me to take off and then create the AI following me. I wish there was a way of giving them a plan to follow once I select "release AI" though. My plan was to fly around duxford UK in formation and then when I am ready to land, for me to "release" the AI and for them to land in the same airport. When I release the AI they just fly off to an unknown destination. 2. I will try my created flight plan from littlenavmap again because I normally make these and load them into FSX without a problem. There seemed to be an issue only if I try with AITrackerX I always make a flight plan with manual waypoints. I will run a few tests and then email you (including my proof of purchase) and see how we go. Thank you again for your AMAZING products and most of all thank you for not having DRM ! That was the primary reason why I went in and bought them all bar the cropduster addon (which I will soon because I'd like to support fantastic developers such as yourself). Thank you again
  2. Hello everyone, Was really keen to use AITrackerX so I can fly a Squadron of A2A Spitfires. Two issues I have found. 1 - AI Traffic A2A Spitfire tips over when Taxiing when controlled by AITrafficX Whilst I can generate the AI to follow my plane when I am flying. If I generate them to start off on the ground with a flight plan, as soon as tyhe taxi procedure starts, the A2A Spitfire tips over onto it's propellar A2A spitfire tips over onto it's propellar and starts to smoke and catch fire. I have crash detection off/damage off and G-Forces off as the manual suggests but nothing seems to work. The A2A Spitfire will just Tip on it's nose when starting to taxi. I have tried turning off accu-sim but the same problem happens. This effectively means I cannot use thet A2A Spitfire as AI traffic which is what I wanted AITrafficX for. All I can do is have them follow me in a pattern.The A2A Spitfire I have has Accu-sim add on. 2 - Manual flight plan problem If I create a flight plan that is generated by FSX, things seem to work. If I create a flight plan in a tool such as LittleNavMap, then the AI I add simply do not appear on the list. AITrackerX does not seem able to import flight plans with manually added waypoints. I really hope we can fix the A2A spitfire problem because I really would like the AI to take off and fly rather than tipping over during taxi. With the second problem, not sure why AITraffic does not like manually created flight plans with manual waypoints. They load but the AI never gets added to the list. Looking forward to hearing from you all. I currently have CameraX, WAMA, FirefighterX and AITrackerX. All Excellent products. :) kind regards Styggron
  3. Hello again, I noticed that when flying a very large plane such as the B377 Stratocruiser from A2A, a plane from the 50s, that the TOD marker on little nav map is way out and for that plane it has to be waaaaaaay sooner. Is there a place I can input aircraft information or change the air craft type so the TOD is perhaps a little more accurate depending what you are flying. I could not find anywhere to select an aircraft type. I am still using v1.2.4 at present so if it is in a future release, I do apologise. It's just I like having littlenav connect and little nav map separate :) Thank you in advance Alex.
  4. Understood. THank you for that. Sorry for the delay in replying, I read your post immediately but did not have a chance to reply at the time.
  5. Hi everyone Not sure why everyone is saying the built in real weather does not work. Mine contacts jeppeson and gets data and it all seems to be working. I used it just 30 minutes ago, still working.
  6. Hello wonderful users of LittleNavmap and a giant thank you to Alex for devloping this MUST HAVE tool. My question. 1. How can I have 2 destination airports set ? 2. I want to take off from Airport 1, land at airport 2, fly back to airport 1. Of course I can use the reverse direction option but I don't want this as I want to fly back to airport 1 with different waypoints. Sure I can add waypoints but how do I make the third airport a "destination" so I still get TOD (Top of Descent) information. I know in reality the answer is "that is a new flight plan if you are flying back" BUT ......... this is my reason a) when I land in airport 2, if I need to load another flight plan, I need to stop the flight, get FSX to load in another flight plan. I want to avoid any loading or interruption of FSX. I just want to wait a little and continue and it KNOWS I have a second destination. Question is how do I set the second destination in LNM ? Thank you all in advance and huge thank you to Alex. :) I use little NAvMap live on every stream.
  7. Hello Alex Thank you so much for letting me know. Understood, I will look up ADE and see what I can do. Thank you again for the BEST FSX flight planning utility there is ! :)
  8. Hello everyone and hello Alexander. I just adore your product and feature it in each stream now. I have a quick question. I would like to set a take off location on LittleNavMap that is not an airport. For example, there are Oil Rigs near Rotterdam in FSX but I want to fly a sea plane. I therefore want to set a custom location to start from and use it with LittleNavMap. I tried but if I just "add waypoint" and make my circuit and then try to save it tells me the destination must be from a valid airport. Is there a way to make any location a "valid" take off point ? This would be useful for things like this so we can take off from custom locations. There is a dock nearby so it is conceivable a sea plane could take off from there even though it is not designated an official water runway as FSX has very few amount of water runways, all of them are mostly US I fear as if the rest of the world does not have any :D Thank you kindly. Your product is AMAZING.and I could not plan without it. kind regards Styggron aka The Incompetent PIlot (www.twitch.tv/styggron)
  9. Understood. Well, I can use FSX's default F2 I guess then. This seems the best way forward, I wanted to use the virtual cockput but if using those two little levers are a problem I better heed people's advice and keep away from it. Hello, The manual tends to label things not modelled but with these AIR IGNs, because their own start up procedure does not mention it, it certainly seems like they are not modelled and they just forgot to tell us perhaps which is a little disappointing really. Would be nice too if the cockpit was rendered a little more realistically, sorry I'm just used to A2A quality Don't get me wrong this is an amazing product. The only reason I purchased it was because it did not have online activation which is intrusive DRM IMHO. I love how you can go into the cabin to I also don't like the fact how it installed everything twice, the GNS and the GTN versions. I would like to remove the GTN versions from the list because I don't have and will never have that GPS. Also anyone know how to load passengers ? The load passengers never does anything. I click but nothing hapens. It's like the passenger loading system does not work. :(
  10. Perfect thank you so much David. Do I need to be careful I don't pull them back to fuel cut off ? I think I should practice moving those.
  11. Hello Alex, Thank *you* for an AMAZING product. I have several viewers now using littlenav map. I use it almost every stream and always give it a quick demo for new users. I think everyone needs to know about it because it is THAT good so every chance I get I tell people. Thank you so much for your amazing work. I think the reason I was asking about the map is to have a nice small window I can drag onto the stream page whilst having all the main information on another monitor. Of coure it is still possible. I can undock all the info pages, keep them on another monitor, set up the main program so only the map is showing and we have the same thing practically.
  12. Sounds brilliant. Personally for me the dockable main map and approach calculations for GA are the main things for me For for example much like the GPS lists approaches, when LNV has this as well...... WOW I adore the software. It's just so brilliant !
  13. Thank you for that. I am on FSX. But I would like to know where on the virtual cockpit the reversers engage as. I would find it highly surprising they would not be modelled as it is a vital thing. As I mentioned sure I can press F2 after arming but surely there has to be a virtual coclpit control for it. The question remains unanswered really until somone says "you use <insert picture> to use the reversers in the VC" or "Flysimware amazingly did not model that"
  14. Hello Alex Thank you so much for the mention. I do indeed tell everyone I can when I stream my fights about LittleNavMap. I would say there is no other tool that has everything it does. I fly offline so the offline support is vital for me, the offline maps etc all brilliant. The first thing I tried to do was undock the map but found the is the only window that cannot be undocked. Would be fantastic if this could also be undocked. One of the amazing features is I can zoom in on an airport and see the parking areas and the map. That is just utterly brilliant ! The interface is just amazing. Really intuitive. I originally had troluble moving waypoints because I could not drag them but I found I had to click on them. I found it does not keep them the same name, it just goes up a number eg user1 user 2. No biggie....everything works brilliantly. I do have a question if I may. With onlineflightplanner.org if you are flying an airliner, that works out all the jetways and waypoints, eg: EGPE SID FINDO UL613 TLA etc LNV does not do these yet does it ? I know you are looking at AIRAC support, I'm on 1511 and that is where it will stay permanently as I don't need updates I never fly online. I mainly fly GA and Warbirds. Thank you again for your fantastic product, I will keep telling people about it because all flight simmers need to know how amazing it is. Thank you for taking the time to create it. You're fantastic.
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