How can you add 2 destinations in the same plan ?

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Hello wonderful users of LittleNavmap and a giant thank you to Alex for devloping this MUST HAVE tool.

My question.

1. How can I have 2 destination airports set ?

2. I want to take off from Airport 1, land at airport 2, fly back to airport 1.

Of course I can use the reverse direction option but I don't want this as I want to fly back to airport 1 with different waypoints. Sure I can add waypoints but how do I make the third airport a "destination" so I still get TOD (Top of Descent) information.

I know in reality the answer is "that is a new flight plan if you are flying back"
BUT ......... this is my reason
a) when I land in airport 2, if I need to load another flight plan, I need to stop the flight, get FSX to load in another flight plan. I want to avoid any loading or interruption of FSX. I just want to wait a little and continue and it KNOWS I have a second destination.

Question is how do I set the second destination in LNM ?

Thank you all in advance and huge thank you to Alex. :) I use little NAvMap live on every stream.

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Hi Styggron,

you cannot set a second destination. It is also not supported by the simulator.

But you can create one single flight plan with a return path and several airports (not sure if the simulator can digest this - didn't try it) in LNM but the second airport will not be treated as a destination, only the last one. Activating flight plan segments (magenta line) should work even on reversed overlapping routes but the map will look cluttered up and distance are wrong.

A workaround:

  • Build a plan including a reverse path back to departure. You can add the airports and then calculate routes between them (select the two airports and then context menu ...). Use "append to flight plan" instead of "Set as destination" to avoid replacing the second airport.
  • Save this thing, load it into the simulator.
  • Delete the return path in LNM to get the TOD to the destination and go flying. No need to save.
  • When continuing the flight back to departure use undo in LNM to get the return path back. You can now delete the unneeded towards path now.

Not elegant, I know ... :smile:

Thanks for spreading the word in your streams.



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Understood. THank you for that. Sorry for the delay in replying, I read your post immediately but did not have a chance to reply at the time.


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