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FMC time for ETA inaccurate

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I posted this on the Prepar3d forum, too.

1. Prepar3D version--3.4
2. Operating system--Win10 x64
3. All add-ons installed (applications, scenery, vehicles, etc.)--PMDG 737, ActiveSky 16, FS Real Time, vPilot, ACARS; 
4. Hardware (graphics card, CPU, RAM, displays, etc.)--nVidea GeForce GTX 1060 6GB ver.384.76; i5-6500 CPU 3.2GHz motherboard
16GB of RAM; ProFlight yoke, pedals, quadrant
5. Changes made to your system – overlocking, graphics accelerators (NVIDIA Inspector), debuggers--none
6. Changes to Prepar3D's settings or configuration files--none
7. Crash logs or error messages--none

After programming the FMC with a route and other data, the ETA time to the next waypoint in the FMC begins to tumble, whether FS Real Time connected or not.


Re: FMC time tumbles

Postby downscc » Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:02 pm

This belongs in the PMDG forum.
Before you post there, please come up with a better description of what the ETA is doing besides tumbling. Gymnasts tumble, numbers increase, decrease, randomly change value but tumble could be interpreted so many ways. Also include more than just "programming the FMC." Did you preflight the aircraft? Did you activate the route? Did you set performance and takeoff pages?


"Gymnasts tumble, numbers increase, decrease, randomly change value..."

     After the IRSs align, the ETA readout rapidly changes, despite the sim clock progressing normally. I could video the event.

"Did you preflight the aircraft?"

     Always. I use a checklist in the Normal Procedures section that's provided with the software.

"Did you activate the route?"

     Always, before proceeding to the PERF page.

"Did you set performance and takeoff pages?"

     All data are filled in, from the POS INIT page to the TAKEOFF page with parking brakes applied.

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This belongs in the PMDG forum... where you'll also have to sign with your name (despite it being obviousl LOL)

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