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Widetraffic 64 Causing P3D V4 to Crash

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I have installed Widetraffic 64 in my home cockpit comprising of 04 client computers for outside panoramic view and 01 Server computer for controlling client computers through Wideview addon. 

After starting of P3D v4, it crashed on all the 04 client computers with error VCRUNTIME140.dll. It happened again and again on all the 04 Client computers. Surprisingly, this error did not appear on Server computer. Then, I uninstalled Widetraffic 64 from all the client computers. After uninstallation, the client computers are again working satisfactorily. This confirms that CTD of client computers by VCRUNTIME140.dll is being caused by Widetraffic 64. 

An observation is that when I start Widetraffic on the Server, Frame rate immediately drops from 60 to 15~25 and the server starts stuttering. Then, If I press "Regenerate Remote Traffic" option on the server, FPS are again restored to 60 and the server starts working smoothly. Unfortunately, this smoothness remains only for a few seconds as FPS again drop to 15~25 and the server starts stuttering again. I have tried different planes on theserver but no success. In case of clients, they crash as soon as I start Widetraffic on the server. I have tried even by removing payware aircrafts and ground vehicles from their respective folders but the issue of clients crashing is still there. 

I tried to use Vatsim to analyze the issue. For this purpose, I set all the traffic options on server as well clients to zero. The Vatsim aircrafts successfully appeared on the clients. However, clients crashed within 10 seconds. This happened multiple times. It is to be mentioned that I have used same Vatsim setup in P3Dv3 with the help of Widetraffic without any issue. i.e. same traffic settings, aircrafts data and liveries. This happens only on all the clients as server never crashed. 

Another observation is that WT64-process-64.exe*32 process appears in Windows Task Manager with more than one entry i.e. same process appears up to 4 times at the same moment. When this happens, FPS drop and stuttering occurs on clients. All the additional WT64-process-64.exe*32 processes use 20-25 % CPU accumulating to 75% -100% CPU usage. When I manually "End Process Tree" for the additional 3 WT64-process-64.exe*32 processes, stuttering stops. This is very surprising and it never happened previously in P3D v3. 

This is happening on all the clients. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled Widetraffic on all the clients but no success. 

I have come to the conclusion that as soon as Widetraffic server starts to send traffic to clients, the clients crash. It does not matter whether the traffic is airplanes or ground vehicles. The only option which works is by setting all type of traffic in Server PC to zero (without using vatsim). With this setting clients do not crash. But when Vatsim is used, clients crash even when all the traffic at Server PC is set to zero. 

I have tried to get support of Luciano Napolitano, the developer of Widetraffic, but he is not responding to my emails. 

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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i've the same problem but with the registration. I put the serial and p3d v4 go in crash.




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