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  1. I purchased a beautiful XFX 5700xt ultra OC, but apparently I have big problems in the management (even with the latest 2.5.1) of p3d v4 and v5. I notice that the immediate use of the card is immediately 99-100% and then stabilizes at 60-70% with regular flight. It happens at random CTD. The screens Flicker incredibly if you pass the mouse trough the screen. Too bad, because it's a very powerful big card but absurdly the gtx1080 is fine. If there is a way to fix the problem I would appreciate it.
  2. Hi Everyone, im here again after a stop for a few time about my sim. I started experimenting again and I resume the post that I left in order to take advantage of and someone has carried out tests with the multichannel. For the moment I have found the quadrature to make it work put perfectly traffic and sync scenarios of the TV and system monitor between the PCs. The only trouble at the moment is that if a client crashes the whole system crashes and often restart the client the latter no longer hangs up at the time of the client laoding:you have to restart everything! Another very big problem is that if I inject a real weather with an external location that you know OpusFSI, Active sky or fsflightistruction or IVAP on the ground before departure, the weather is adjusted between all the PCs without problems. But, it happens that during the flight, at the next weather update, the clients crash as if something was wrong. Ovviametne crashing the client means end of the flight having to restart the system. so in light of the facts I ask: 1 is there the possibility of making the PCs independent, that is, even if one crashes, is there a sure possibility of restarting it? 2 has someone found solutions for the weather? thank you!
  3. Requested sometimes ago in order to intereface MCP with tfdi717 but nothing to do 😞
  4. Hi, its normal not see the VA plugin. you need to verify if there is connection between VA.exe with state ACTIVE FS: Xplane and mcpR = 1 with the correct Zibo preset. When the green VA appear you are connected.
  5. Hi Dal. done several test but no solutions. My 2 clients need to running at 30htz because 4k tv at 49" dont support 60hz. (need to downgrde to fullHd but the image come very bad) the server have several monitors in 60htz, i tried also to interlaced to 30hz them but nothing, the stutters remain. I dont understand why there is no guide or a valid explanation with a valid example on how to use multichannell trough more than one pc. Is not reasonable spent thousand of dollars without have assistance. In p3d official forum nobody have knowledge about this and i dont think prepar develop one incomplete thing without knowledge. The only think report in learning center is to use genlock cards (nvidia quadro or ati pro?) but is this a goal? many thanks
  6. Hi Net, sorry was not shouting, but i used google translate that copy with big words 😞 as suggested also in other posts, but as you well know other users have reported that the problem persists and this is also my case. I understand that it's free I just asked if there was a vain possibility to use somehow with win7. If it does not work, patience 😞
  7. win10 has too many update problems, on this notebook I have things that I also use for work that I can not afford to lose following updates that he decides. It 'sa pity that a program is bound by the operating system, maybe is a stupid thing that does not allow the start of the psxseecon.exe solvable in a moment 😞
  8. threre is no chance to resolve this issue for win7?
  9. Hi, is possible to have a link for the old version 5.34? seem was the old one work in win7 64bit. Many thanks, Simone
  10. Thank you. In order to have best smooth on my clients i see that the goal is to have 30hz with 30fps in vysnc and TB on for my TV 49$ in 4K reolution. Unfortunatly the server will be MIP instruments running in monitor at 60hz. I understood that was a Hz problem with nosync with server and client for this reaso so you suggest me to put the 60hz on TV running now at 30hz? the host.cfg so will be change to "vsync = 60" ? probably i will lost smooth on client from 30 to 60 or is dependant to server? thanks Simone many
  11. Made, but ono successful replies 😞
  12. Hi everyone, I'm trying for some time to be able to set up a multichannel system for my cockpit, but I'm encountering several problems due to the unflyable stuttering of the client's visual. My system consists of an I7 6700k server with R9 390 board, and two I7 7700k clients with RX580 8gb, win10 and professional plus 4.3 mounted on systems. I followed to the letters the learning center and the various guides also for the views in the various sites, but the problem of stuttering in the clients remains. The individually tested systems are perfectly stable at 30fps in 30hz fsmooth for the clients while in the server we have most of 500fps in minimal settings. Is there anyone who can bring me a positive experience? Something escapes me specifically, my doubts are: 1. in the learning center there is talk of 30hz. in my case I have the client with a 49 "tv in 4k set to 30hz and 30fps stable in vsync, while the client has for the moment a 60hz monitor. 2. there is also talk of cpu bound in my case I have the i7 6700k server side while the i7 7700k on customers both occurred at 4.6ghz with the 8gb GPU. Do the systems need to be equivalent or perhaps the server superior to the clients? 3. if the server should be used as a visual system view the vysnc 30 fps should be correct for all the PCs, but it is advisable in many posts to use an unlimited fps. thanks again for those who want to bring his experience and help me to understand if it is a system that can be used (I would go back to opus)
  13. same problems. I've delete the automatically maddog profile and leave the leonardo profile. Now work but remain some problems on CRS encoder.
  14. Hi at all, im testing the PMDG module 1.41 in p3dv4 with the MCP combo general 1. the mcp combo display show correctly spd hdg alt values and the encoder work great. all the buttons and switched no, died! 😞 no sign of alive. Can you help me? Thanks , Simone
  15. Hi Scot, with diagnosis all is right for the maddog now! i have problem instead with pmdg last module in p3d v4. i dont understand, display ok but button and switch no Simone
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